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Received from: Lopar

Recently I went to a movie theater and saw an advertisement for Laser Tag! I couldn't believe it, and most of the other people in the room were amazed, too. Apparently Laser Tag has made a comeback, this time with a makeover for the nineties, however the logo art is still the same as it was before. :-) I think that game was fun and an intuitive use of technology, but it was just poorly marketed; remember the TV cartoon show? (BARF!!) That was a prime example of what NOT to do when you invent a product. Remember this game was hyped to the max and didn't last hardly a year. I only hope this time around they--being the powers that be behind this resurgence of Laser Tag--won't make the same appalling mistake their predecessors did.

Follow Up From Lou:

Photon, was originally only played in the Arena...and although the equipment was bulky, it was really cool. It was not the cheap bulky stuff they put out for home play, but very high tech (at least for the time.. .heh heh). Playing at the Arenas were actually very very cool.... lots of cool people... kind of a hang out.. .plus there were leagues, etc. And if I'm not mistaken, Photon (in the Arenas) was around before Laser Tag.

Yes, there are actually a few Photons still around... I believe one in Dallas, and (surprised the shit outta me) a brand new one in MD (silversprings?). I heard rumor that there were a few others still open too....

More Photon info from: Matt

Photon DID in fact come before LT. It was played in, I guess, you'd call them arenas. The one in Houston, where I live, was built in an old, I think, supermarket. Totally transformed. You walked in to an entrance black-lit and cave-like in appearance. Very cool. That entered, of course, into the game center where you could watch the Photon initiation film which taught the basics. Games were, I think, $3 a game at the time. Games lasted like seven minutes or so once inside the gamefield. I think most Photon's had two fields, Alpha and Omega, as I recall. Their designs were distinct. Great music, fog machines, strobes and lasers above. Sweet. In between games, and perhaps during, our Photon played music from Jean-Micheal Jarre's Oxygen and Rendevous albums.

All-in-all, Photon was awesome. It was a pretty cool hang out, as your other "reader" put it. Unfortunately, the heavy/bulky equip, though pretty cool, did seem to break a lot. Probably due to limits on the technology of the time, not to mention overuse. Photon was mucho-hyped when it arrived. I remember the place being absolutely packed during its first half-year or so. It even made the local news (again, no small city, Houston). And then went the fog (Probably due to the operation's neglect but, whatever the case, this was a big downer). People eventually just stopped going. Houston's disappeared in a about two years, three at the most but, boy, what it sweet while it lasted.

Games were scored on points. Two teams. Scores tallied up. I never cared too much about team scores, though there were leagues. Playing fields had two bases, one for each team. Each player could take out the base once for like 200 points or so. Hitting your opponent got you like 20 points or so (I don't remember. My high was around 1100). You lost points for getting hit.

ON Laser Tag. I bought the home LT stuff after Photon had closed. Photon followed up LT with it's own home version, that kinda looked like the arena stuff. I never owned any of that.

Anyway, just wanted to send you this, in case you wanted it/were curious. Also just wanted to let you know how much I love and appreciate your page. For the past two weeks, all I could find was a link to, I guess, your old site -- which gave me an error. Originally found it as I've been thinking about buying the Rhino New Wave CD's.

A list of Laser Tag's various products:

  • Basic Black Light Gun
  • Basic Silver Hexagonal Detector
  • White Rifle With Red Striping
  • Practice Base, Shoots Back At You, Difficulty Select
  • Silver Vest With Velcro On Chest For Hex Detector
  • Silver Cap With Triangular Detector
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