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Gallery #5

OlLine Rebel and some friends in '86; not all people shown to protect the innocent! That's I in the neon-yellow Forenza print jacket, sleeves pulled up, shirt collar up, Swatch watch engaged (a

I saw a couple of Halloween pictures, so here's me, Marci, in 1988..right before Halloween. My friends and I went downtown like this..though I seemed to go a bit further than they did...we sure got some crazy looks though!

This is Jonman in the 80s

Fett stylin' for the '87 Prom. If only you could see the pink Chuck Taylors.

Okay, you wanted 80s...? This is me, Zella, in 1981 dressed up for a Rock and Roll theme party. I was a going for a New Romantic/Adam Ant look...

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