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Was working on car at my late Father`s shop when he came out and told us. We took a break and watched a little of the coverage. Then back to work. Remember it like it was yesterday.

From: AL

I was a Senior in high school. I was in my English class (first row and second desk) when one of the secretaries from the principal's office told us what had happened. I remember we talked about it briefly, held a moment of silence, and had to continue our classwork. Everyone was talking about between the next class period and then at lunch.

From: DLR

I was 17,soon to be 18, a senior in high school in NJ, and I was sick at home for a couple of days. I was sleeping in bed, sick, when my Mom woke me up and told me what happened. I remember seeing over and over again the footage, and the eerie, calm voice of the NASA command center describing, after the explosion, the downward nautical miles and saying "obviously a major malfunction", and the feedback noise of the mic he was using...can hear still it now.

From: JimmyD

I was at community college,and did not watch the launch, but some students who had watched it came into the classroom laughing and joking about it. I was appalled and disgusted by their callousness...

From: AnthonyW

Today, 1/28/2013, is the 27th anniversary of the Challenger disaster. I still remember being home with the flu and recording it as it happened while watching it on CNN, which carried it live. I still have the tape, which is as clear today as it was when I recorded it. It was a tragic day, and I never experienced anything worse til 9/11/2001, or the tragic breakup of the Columbia on 2/1/2003. May the Lord continue to keep them all safe in His arms.

From: Jan Griffiths

I was in 9th grade at Cocoa Beach High in Florida when the Challenger exploded and saw the whole thing live. My friends and I didn't actually realize anything had gone wrong until an announcement came over the PA system that we were all to head to the nearest classroom immediately. There was fear of debris/fallout. Classes were eventually canceled and the numbness of the tragedy set in. For months, Cocoa Beach was inundated with reporters and visitors (and gawkers). When they finally opened them again, people would search the beach for wreckage "souvenirs". I have seen every shuttle launch since the first one (not to mention every rocket launch since I was born) and the shock of witnessing the Challenger disaster is still haunting.

From: Gary

I was not born yet though but when I learned of it when I was young, I was absolutely horrified! It was so bad. I remember watching a clip of it for my school and I was just shocked. My mom and Dad remember that day. I was am still amazed at what happened to this day. today is 3/25/14

From: CallaHanR

I was 19 yrs. old. I was at work in Melbourne Fl. I worked at a restaurant,(Bobby Rubinos) which is no longer open. When the challenger was nearing takeoff time,all of us employees went up to the roof to watch. It was a very cold morning,I had frost on my car that morning. Not normal launch weather. The feeling during a launch was amazing such a sense of pride, and excitement. You could feel the rumble for miles away. We were just across the river. I remember we were all waiting for the separation. When it did happen it didn't look right, after seing many a person knew what to look for. We all knew that something terrible was happening before our eyes . We ran down into the restaurant to look at the news. Our worst fears were confirmed.brevard county was never the same. The sense of loss was and still is devastating. The counties economy has always revolved around the space industry. Every business was struggling to survive,it took a few years for the economy to get back to normal. Florida is now again suffering through the housing crisis and the loss of the space program as it once existed. I no longer live there, but a part of my heart always will. Wishing Brevard county the best!!!

From: Lisa Ebertowski

I was working in a Hospital at the time of the Challenger Event, it was horrible. The 9/11 Event was worse, I was working in a Medical Office eating lunch, I immediately notified the Doctors, we gathered around the table in the lunch room, watching the Event. I will always remember this day!

From: Charlotte Riely

I was in my bed and didn't get up until 11 am. turned on the tv and saw what happened. the most unruly thing had happened to me was my late father came into my room and asked me to type something for him. I had a typewriter at the time. he didn't relize how I reacted to this trajedy.


I was in my 8th grade history class. I had to go to the office to turn in some papers for the teacher. All of our school was watching the shuttle launch in their classrooms because we had a teacher from our high school whom had made it to the final group of teachers chosen to train for that flight. So it was a huge deal for us. Of course, our teacher wasn't picked for the mission but we were proud of him just the same. I was halfway to the office when I heard screams bellowing down the hallway coming from everywhere, I stopped in my tracks and peeked into a classroom where I could see everyone in shock staring at the tv. I then focused on the tv and saw what they were upset over. I remember my throat hurting and then tears streaming down my cheeks. Everyone was so distracted and upset they decided to release our school and the high school early. I remember when we went to board the buses to go home, the teacher that has gone through the training with Christa was crying and we all ran over to hug him before we left.

From: Kelly Griffith

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This is one page of many, check out the intro at I Remember Challenger.

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