People Who Died

Those are people who died, died
Those are people who died, died
Those are people WHO died, died
They were all my friends
They just died - Jim Carrol

Deaths On This Day In History...January 30
1980,Lil Dagover, actress (Destiny, Spiders), dies at 82
1980,Professor Longhair, king of New Orleans music, dies at 61
1982,Félix L V L J Labisse, French painter (libidoscaphes), dies at 76
1982,Lightning Hopkins, rocker, dies of cancer at 69
1982,Riccardo Nielsen, composer, dies at 73
1982,Stanley Holloway, comedian (My Fair Lady, Our Man Higgins), dies at 91
1983,Joan Valerie, actress (Pier 13), dies of pneumonia
1983,[Dallas] Mack/McCord Reynolds, sci-fi author (Earth War), dies at 65
1985,Ken Mayers, actor (Robbie Robertson-Space Patrol), dies at 67
1986,Ticker Freeman, pianist (Dinah Shore Show), dies at 74
1987,Angelo Rutherford, actor (Willie-Gentle Ben), dies at 32
1987,Ken Drake, actor (Crime & Punishment USA), dies
1988,Cornelia D "Corry" Spark, Dutch cabaret performer, dies at 85