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"The Donger Needs Food"Sixteen Candles-Long Duck Dong1396737037
Submitted by TexasBlonde. Added to the site on April 05, 2014
I was not born yet though but when I learned of it when I was young, I was absolutely horrified! It was so bad. I remember watching a clip of it for my school and I was just shocked. My mom and Dad remember that day. I was am still amazed at what happened to this day. today is 3/25/14
Submitted by CallaHanR. Added to the site on April 05, 2014
I was in 9th grade at Cocoa Beach High in Florida when the Challenger exploded and saw the whole thing live. My friends and I didn't actually realize anything had gone wrong until an announcement came over the PA system that we were all to head to the nearest classroom immediately. There was fear of debris/fallout. Classes were eventually canceled and the numbness of the tragedy set in. For months, Cocoa Beach was inundated with reporters and visitors (and gawkers). When they finally opened them again, people would search the beach for wreckage "souvenirs". I have seen every shuttle launch since the first one (not to mention every rocket launch since I was born) and the shock of witnessing the Challenger disaster is still haunting.
Submitted by Gary. Added to the site on April 05, 2014
Robble robble!
said by Hamburglar on the McDonald's commercials
Submitted by Jeremy. Added to the site on April 05, 2014
Stars, return!
said by Jezmine on Conan the Adventurer
She magically summon the throwing stars to return to her after she throws them at any object or villain.
Submitted by Jeremy. Added to the site on April 05, 2014
Bozhe moi!
said by Linka on Captain Planet and the Planeteers
That's "Oh, my gosh!" in Russian when she uses it to express or emphasize feelings such as anger, helplessness, and/or frustration.
Submitted by Jeremy. Added to the site on April 05, 2014
I brought you in this world and I'll take you out.
said by Cliff on Cosby Show
When Cliff is talking to Theo.
Submitted by Valerie. Added to the site on April 05, 2014
Purple segmented fuzzy caterpillar or worm that is nearly 3 feet long (I still have one), and has a one eye noise maker on each end. We found it in a toy store near Niagara falls around 1989. It bends all around and is poseable, and only has one eye on each end of the worm, the eyes are noise makers. Really cool toy!
Submitted by unknown41.shtml. Added to the site on April 05, 2014
Spring rocking horse
Plastic horses on springs that you ride. Made by Blazon, Flexible Flyer, Wonder, Radio Flyer, and Hedstrom.
Submitted by springrockinghorse0.shtml. Added to the site on April 05, 2014
Radio Flyer
Although the red wagon companies has classics in a few different decades, one toy became the nation's top selling wagon of the 1980s and that was the wooden town and country wagon that most 80s kids memories about. http://www.radioflyer.com/town-and-country-wagon.html http://www.radioflyerlink.com/apps/history/heritage1980.asp
Submitted by radioflyer0.shtml. Added to the site on April 05, 2014