Chucky G's 1980's Web Pages

These are web pages that I'm currently working on. Right now they consist mostly of links to appropriate sites. I'll be adding my own content within a month or so (once I determine what is already around, I want to add original content to the net, not rehash already available material.)

Netscape for some reason doesn't always display the pictures below (gives up on loading them or something) and doesn't display the alternate text in that event, so try reloading your page. Lynx views these pages fine with the alternate tags, I don't know about Mosaic (Who cares about Mosaic?)

Band of the 80's Politics of the 80's Movies of the 80's Radio & TV of the 80's Leisure in the 80's Articles on the 80's

Other 1980's Pages

These are pages devoted exclusively to the 1980's in either music, culture, art or whatever that shaped the decade.

Cheezy 80's Home Page Ed's Eighties Home Page Breakin' Home Page Random 80's Lyrics Big 80's Home Page Spiral Into The 80's Classic 80's Home Vid. Systems 80's Server The Good, The Bad, The Cheezy 80's Geffen's Vintage 80's

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