Information Society BBS (508)832-7542

What The Infomation Society BBS Has OnLine

Currently, the Information Society has 2 and a half gigs of files (around 25 thousand) with files for Windoze, Space & Astronomy, C Source Code, and IBM Games and Utilities. There are also online games for use, the most popular of which are Tradewars 2002 and The Pit. There are no donation requirements, or post/call ratios. Downloading of files is allowed with a 10:1 ratio (every ten downloads requires one file to be uploaded to the BBS). The system has been in operation since October 1990 and currently has over 700 users and is linked to 5 national message networks. The BBS is a local call from Worcester and most surrounding towns and also carries the most up to date listing of BBSs in the local calling area.

Listing Of Games

Unlike other BBSs, we believe in registering the games that get played a lot, so there are no registration nags when entering the games, or unusable commands. We also keep the number of games available to a minimum so there are more people playing in a single game (instead of 30 people playing in 30 different games) so there is more user interaction.

Sampling of Message Areas

These are the message areas available through my BBS (only).

File Areas

These are the names of the file areas (and conferences) available for users. These are only available through calling my BBS not through the Internet. Please don't ask me to place files here for you to download, I can't.
If you have any questions about the BBS, email me.

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