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This listing is in devlopment stage still. Please bear with me while I get it written.


Hello! This listing is copywrited and cannot be reprinted for commercial profit without the express written consent of the author.


Hello! This listing was created because I buy a lot of compilation CD's of music from the decade known as the eighties. Bascially, I thought a listing that allowed people to know which CD's would be worth their money might help people out when they are browsing the CD bins at their favorite store. It's also to allow me to keep a listing of all the songs I have available so that if I really want to know whether it's worth it to buy a new CD collection incase it has a lot of duplicated songs on it.

Also, when I'm sitting in a store, reading the song listings, I CAN NEVER REMEMBER WHO SUNG WHAT! Or recognize a song by it's title alone. Some song titles don't even appear in the lyrics of a song, which is even less of a help. Plus, it's disappointing to pay alot of money for a CD that turns around to have lousy packaging (I like to read abit about the groups I might have forgotten about) and pictures are always cool, which is why I have that field in the listing, I REALLY want that information completed.

I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! I ask a lot in the submissions part I know, but this is to try and maintain as much info as possible. It would be nice if people contribute, because it would allow me to buy more CD's since I'll have a better idea of what is out there. I already have over 40 compilation CD's from the eighties, but that probably won't stop me. The eighties probably spawned more one hit wonders than any other decade (in my opinion) and had such quick rises to fame (and declines into obscurity) that I'd never buy the albums by half these groups (Just think of that commercial for Totally 80's.)

I hope you find this list, like, Totally Awesome.

CGrosvenor@ACM.ORG, Charles R. Grosvenor Jr.


How the List is Broken Down.

  1. Any series of discs over 3 in length (forwhich reviews have been written) will be in it's own seperate file. The remainder will be in the first part of the listing, which will then be split if it's size ever exceeds 30K in length.
  2. Collections are listed alphabetically by the first letter in the title with the exception of the articles, "The" and "A".

Rules For Submission.

  1. Albums MUST deal exclusively with the 80's decade.
  2. No Country, Western, Classical, Jazz, or simalar intersts. This list deals with mainstream music that is TOP 40, Alternative/New Wave, Rock oriented. Generally, anything that had a distinctive sound for the particular decade it was released in.
  3. All fields must be filled in completely. Any entry that is submitted to me without all the information filled in, will not be entered into the listing. I want albums that people have purchased, not seen on display in stores so that an opinion can be with each review.
  4. If you have a different opinion of a CD, email me anyways and I will append your opinion to the end of the listing. I have no strict rules yet since I have not received any comments yet.

Explanation of each field in the listing.

USE THIS FORMAT: (I'll make this an HTML form when I learn how)

Paid :
Rank : out of 5.

Track Listing
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The Lists Themselves

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