All About Charles R. Grosvenor Jr.

Personal History

Well, unlike most people, I didn't put this right up front in the first page of my web pages. That should say a lot about me (as in I'm not some poofter who wants the whole world to know my life story.)

I graduated from Fitchburg State College, May 31, 1995 and I have been working at Racal Datacom in Boxboro now for close to a year, but I didn't become a full time employee until a month ago. I currently maintain source code, basically I get a list of errors from someone and hunt them down and kill them or blame them on someone else. Most of them turn out to be completely pointless (or a case of who the hell is going to type Chuckisgod 20 times in a row).

Hobbies? Well, I have a bulletin board, The Information Society (508)832-7542. I also have a huge collection of CDs, Records, and 8-Tracks. I'm into collecting old books (rare books when I can find them for a reasonable price). I don't do much in the way of sports and I'm not a hell of a social person, though I like to frequent the net when I can.



If you need to know more than that, I guess you should send an email!

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