Eighties Songs in the Wedding Singer
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Well, I recently got a chance to rewatch the Wedding Singer again, and while I was at it, I decided to write down all the songs in order, and when they appear, since I know not all of the songs will be on the two CDs that have been released. Plus it helps to answer those "what was that song" questions that come up. I also decided to add the Billboard rankings for the songs that did rank in the top 40 (I don't have top 100 charts).

Mistakes in the Film

I'm not anal or anything, these are just some simple observations. I'm really more interested in looking for things that happen after the summer of 1985 when the movie takes place.
  • The most noticable mistake is when Robbie comes over to babysit, and his brother-in-law doesn't want to come to the door because he thinks J.R. might have been shot. The shooting took place at the end of the spring 1980 season. The film states it takes place sometime in 1985.
  • The photographer mentions they'll last forever, like "Ivana and Donald, Woody and Mia, and Burt and Loni". Burt and Loni were married from 1988 to 1993. I don't know when the details of their dating became public, but I doubt it was the summer of 1985. Although they did act together in Stroker Ace, which was 1983 so it's not toally unreasonable to think people were starting to associate them as together.
  • The other thing I'm unsure about, is when Van Halen announced their breakup. The movie takes place in 1985, the wedding was set for August 5th. I'm pretty sure that it was well known by the summer of 1985 that Sammy Hagar was the replacement singer. Robbie (Adam Sandler's character) tells Linda to get out of his t-shirt or he'll jinx the band and they'll break up. I think by this point they already have.
  • Someone mentioned that in the bar scene they are playing the "Blue Monday-88" remix, which would be a definite faux-pas. I listened to it, but it sounds like the regular mix to me. I have both mixes, and while I can tell when listening to the two tracks side by side, the version in the movie doesn't appear to have the extra synth drum beats in it.


  • Billy Idol as himself
  • Jon Lovitz as another Wedding Singer
  • Steve Buscemi as a drunk at the first wedding (and again at the end)
Song Artist Scene Ranking Soundtrack
You Spin Me Like a Record Dead or Alive Movie opens with Robbie singing it. - 2
Do You Wanna Hurt Me Culture Club Backup singer a couple of times - 1
Der Kommisaar After The Fire Kitchen at wedding hall - -
Don't Stop Believin' Journey Robbie's wedding theme - -
White Wedding Billy Idol On TV after being dumped - 1
99 Luftballoons Nena Julia is listening to it on her walkman - -
Pass the Dutchie Musical Youth Robbie's best friend listens to it in his limo - 1
Boys Don't Cry The Cure Robbie's listening to it in bed in the dark - -
Holiday Madonna Robbie sings it at next wedding - 2
Love Stinks J. Geils Band Robbie's follow up to Holiday - 2
Hold Me Now The Thompson Twins Plays as Robbie goes to babysit 2/25/84 #3 1
Too Shy Kajagoogoo Julia's engagement party 5/21/83 #5 2
All Night Long Lionel Richie Julia's engagement party 10/1/83 #1 -
That's All Ricky Nelson Song Robbie sings at Bar Mahditvah while Drew Barrymore dances with chubby kid - -
It's All I Can Do The Cars Background music after Bar Mahditvah - 2
Ladies Night Kool and the Gang Jon Lovitz performs it at his audition 11/10/79 #8 -
Somebody Kill Me Adam Sandler Performs it after Jon Lovitz - 1
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic The Police Played at ice cream shop 10/10/81 #3 1
You Make My Dreams Hall and Oates Shopping Spree 5/16/81 #5 2
Every Day I Write The Book Elvis Costello Robbie gets dropped after shopping scenes 10/15/83 36 1
Blue Monday New Order Club - 1
China Girl David Bowie Julia sings it at club 7/9/83 #10 1
Private Idaho The B-52's Club - 2
Love My Way The Psychedelic Furs Outside club, and again in the bar - 1
Miami Vice Theme Jan Hammer Boyfriend's DeLorean 9/2/85 #1 -
Do You Belive In Love? Huey Lewis and the News Morning after club 2/20/82 #7 -
Money The Flying Lizards After turned down for job - 2
Hungry Heart Bruce Springsteen Bar scene 11/8/80 #5 -
Jam On It New Cleus Bar scene, teaching bum moonwalk - -
How Soon Is Now The Smiths After getting beaten up - 1
Wake Me Up Before You Go Go Wham! Linda sings it to Robbie - -
Rappers Delight The Sugarhill Gang Little old lady sings it at her anniversary - 1
Grow Old With Me Adam Sandler Sings it on the plane - 2
True Spandau Ballet Sung by Steve Buscinni at end of movie - 2
Video Killed the Radio Star The Buggles Played during credits, performed by Presidents of the USA, originally by Bruce Woolley & The Camera Club - 1
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Comments About the Soundtrack

  • Volume 2 has two songs that aren't on your list ("Space Age Love Song" by A Flock of Seagulls and "Just Can't Get Enough" by Depeche Mode). Either you missed them or the guys who put together the soundtrack put them on there for no readily explainable reason. They could've put some of the other songs from your list on there. (I counted, there were eleven songs on the list but not either volume of the soundtrack.) Heck, I would've prefered any of those songs over the Flying Lizards' version of "Money (That's What I Want)".

    It's possible I missed them, but I watched and listened pretty closely. I don't think those two songs were in the credits (or played during them) so it's possible they put them in there since they are period pieces. Though, "Just Can't Get Enough" was late 70s, but a Depeche Mode staple well into the 90s. I know the "Valley Girl Soundtrack" did this for their second volume. It's also possible someone mentioned them, but they weren't played.