People Who Died in The Eighties, 1982
January 01Paul Belmondo, French sculptor (Bathing Woman, Orléans), dies at 83
January 01Victor Buono, actor (Mr Schubert-Man from Atlantis), dies at 43
January 01Vladimir K Zworykin, Russ/American engineer (cathode-ray tube), dies
January 03Derek Sealy, cricketer (West Indies 1930-39), dies
January 05Hans Conried, actor (Bullwinkle Show, Make Room for Daddy), dies at 64
January 05Harvey Lembeck, actor (Phil Silvers, Hathaways), dies at 56
January 07Bert Oosterhuis, Dutch motor racer (Paris-Dakar), dies in race crash
January 08Gregoire Aslan, actor (Concrete Jungle), dies of 73 of a heart attack
January 08Reta Shaw, actress (Ghost & Mrs Muir), dies of emphysema at 69
January 09Paul Lynde, actor (Bye Bye Birdie, Bewitched), dies at 55
January 10Lazar Weiner, composer, dies at 84
January 10Paul Lynde, comedian (Uncle Arthur-Bewitched), dies at 55
January 13Marcel Camus, French director (Orfeu Negro), dies at 69
January 15Red Smith, sportscaster (Pulitzer, Fight Talk), dies at 76
January 18Burnet Corwin Tuthill, US composer (Laurentia), dies at 93
January 18Ramón (J) Sender (Garcés), Spanish writer, dies at 79
January 18Trent Lehman, actor (Butch-Nanny & the Professor), dies at 20
January 19Leopold Trepper, Polish/Israeli spy (WW II), dies at 77
January 19Marc Demeyer, Belgian bicyclist (Paris-Roubaix '76), dies [or 1/20]
January 20Marc Demeyer, Belgian cyclist (Paris-Brus 1974), dies at 31[or 1/19]
January 22Eduardo Frei Montalva, president of Chile (1964-70), dies at 71
January 23Hope Hampton, actress (Star Dust, Lawful Larcency), dies at 83
January 25Mihail A Suslov, Soviet party ideologist, dies at 79
January 27Iris Korn, actress (Widder-Palmerstown USA), dies at 60
January 30Félix L V L J Labisse, French painter (libidoscaphes), dies at 76
January 30Lightning Hopkins, rocker, dies of cancer at 69
January 30Riccardo Nielsen, composer, dies at 73
January 30Stanley Holloway, comedian (My Fair Lady, Our Man Higgins), dies at 91
February 02Stringfellow Barr, US educationalist (100 Great Books), dies at 85
February 04Sue Carol, actress (She's My Weakness), dies at 73 of a heart attack
February 05Dolores Moran, actress (Yankee Doodle Dandy), dies at 56
February 05Neil Aggett, South African worker's union leader, commits suicide
February 05Wies [Aloisius CA] Moens, Flemish writer/nazi, dies at 84
February 06Ben Nicholson, England, painter/sculptor (Circle), dies at 87
February 08John Hay Whitney, US newspaper magnate, dies at 76
February 10K R Meher-Homji, cricket wk (Test as Indian, catch no stumped), dies
February 11Eleanor Powell, tap dancer/wife of Glenn Ford, dies at 69 of cancer
February 11Takashi Shimura, Japans actor (Rashomon, 7 Samurais), dies at 76
February 11Victor Jory, Alaskan actor (Kings Row, Manhunt), dies at 79
February 12Cornelis Rijnsdorp, Dutch writer (Culprit), dies at 87
February 12Hal Hooker, cricket (307 partners with Kippax for last wicket), dies
February 12Victor Jory, actor (Adv of Tom Sawyer, 1st Lady, Jigsaw), dies at 79
February 13Zeng Jinlian, Hunan China, grew to 8'1" (tallest woman), dies at 17
February 14Henk Schaer, [Hendricus J M Schaareman], Dutch actor, dies at 79
February 15Rolfe Sedan, actor (Mailman-George Burns Show), dies at 86
February 17Lee Strasberg, acting coach/actor (And Justice for All), dies at 81
February 17Theolonious S Monk, US, jazz pianist/composer (Blue Monk), dies at 64
February 18Edith Ngaio Marsh, NZ detective writer/producer, dies at 82
February 18Tina Carver, actress (Inside Detroit, Uranium Boom), dies at 58
February 22Murray "the K" Kaufman, NYC DJ (5th Beatle), dies at 60
February 24Virginia Bruce, actress (Born to Dance, Great Ziegfield), dies at 71
February 25J K Irani, cricket wicketkeeper (2 Tests for India 1947-48), dies
February 26Gabor Szabo, Hungarian jazz pianist (Perfect Circle), dies at 45
February 27Malika A Sabirova, Russian dancer, dies at 39
March 02Philip K[indred] Dick, author (Hugo-1963, Dr Futurity), dies at 53
March 03Georges Perec, French writer, dies at 45
March 05John Belushi, comedian (Sat Night Live), dies of drug overdose at 33
March 06Ayn Rand, author-philosopher (Atlas Shrugged), dies in NY at 77
March 06Jan Lemaire, Dutch actor/writer (Beautiful Juultje), dies at 97
March 07Charles Borromeo Mills, composer, dies at 68
March 09Alan Badel, actor (Shogun), dies of a heart attack at 58
March 09Rex Marshall, TV announcer (Circuit Rider, Herman Hickman Show), dies
March 09Richard A Butler, England, min of Finance, dies at 79
March 11Edmund Cooper, British sci-fi writer (Tomorrow Came), dies at 55
March 12Elisabeth Zernike, Dutch writer (Course of Events), dies at 90
March 13Albert Weisser, composer, dies at 64
March 13Wilfred Hawker, Suriname sgt-major, executed
March 14Kirill Vladimirovich Molchanov, composer, dies at 59
March 17Hans ter Laag, Dutch sound technician, murdered in El Salvador
March 17Jan Kuiper, Dutch news editor (IKON), murdered in El Salvador
March 17Joop Willemsen, Dutch cameraman, murdered in El Salvador
March 17Koos Koster, Dutch newscaster (IKON), murdered in El Salvador
March 18Georg G Lampe, Dutch painter/director (Free Academy), dies at 60
March 19Randy Rhoads, heavy metal guitarist (Ozzy Osbourne), air crash at 25
March 20Hendrik L van Beek, Dutch vice-admiral, dies at 52
March 21Harry H Corbett, Brits actor (Steptoe & Son, Jabberwacky), dies at 57
March 23Mario Praz, Italian author (Casa della vita), dies at 85
March 24Ace Goodman, KC Mo, comedian (Easy Aces), dies at 83
March 26Agathe "Henriëtte" de Beaufort, writer (Dolly of Arnhem), dies at 91
March 27Joris Noë, Flemish literary, dies at 68
March 29Carl Orff, German composer (Mouth, Antigonae), dies at 86
March 29Rudy Bond, actor (Streetcar Named Desire), dies of heart attack at 68
March 29Walter Hallstein, W German politician (CDU, H-doctrine), dies at 80
March 31Fritz Eberhard, West German lawyer/resistor, dies at 85
April 03Herman W Filarski, Dutch bridge journalist, dies at 69
April 03Warren Oates, actor (East of Eden, Stoney Burke), dies at 53
April 04Tsvetan Tsvetanov, composer, dies at 50
April 05Abe Fortas, Supreme court justice, dies at 71
April 07Brenda Benet, actress (Track of Thunder), commits suicide by gun at 36
April 09Robert H G Havemann, German chemist/dissident, dies
April 09Wilfred Pelletier, symph conductor (Voice of Firestone), dies at 85
April 155 murderers, of Egyptian pres Sadat, executed
April 15Arthur Lowe, Brits actor (Capt Mainwaring in Dad's army), dies at 66
April 15Louis M de Guiringaud, Fren forgn min (1976-78), commits suicide at 70
April 20Andrew Sandham, cricketer (325 Eng 1930, 879 runs in 14 Tests), dies
April 20Archibald MacLeish, US, lawyer/writer (Conquistador), dies at 89
April 20Mimi Boesnach, actress (Wedding of Kloris & Roses), dies at 82
April 21Joe Sawyer, actor (Biff O'Hara-Adventures of Rin Tin Tin), dies at 80
April 22Melville Bell Grosvenor, pres (Natl Geographic Society), dies at 80
April 25Celia Johnson, actress (Brief Encounter, Happy Breed), dies at 73
April 25Don Wilson, TV announcer (Jack Benny Show), dies at 81
April 25John Cody, US cardinal/archbishop of Chicago (1965-82), dies at 74
April 25Paul de Vree, Flemish writer/essayist (Round Table), dies
April 25William R Burnett, US, writer (Asphalt Jungle), dies at 82
April 26Celia Johnson, British actress (Jean Brodie), dies of stroke at 73
April 26Ville Ritola, Finnish 5/10km runner (Olympic-gold-1924, 28), dies
April 27Tom Tully, actor (Line-up, Shane), dies at 85
April 28Bert van Dongen, [Abraham J Cohen], Dutch singer/actor, dies at 66
April 28EW "Nobby" Clark, Engl cricketer (32 wickets in 8 Tests 1929-34), dies
April 30Albert TLCA Bird, lecture artist, dies
April 30Herman Tholen, Dutch cabaret performer (Juveniles), dies
April 30Taisen Deshimaru, founder of several Zen centers in France, dies at 67
May 01Gene Sheldon, actor (Bernardo-Zorro), dies at 72
May 02Helmut Dantine
May 02Hugh Marlowe, actor (Jim Matthews-Another World), dies at 71
May 03Helmut Dantine, actor (Shadow of the Cloak), dies at 64
May 03Hugh Beaumont, actor (Ward-Leave it to Beaver), dies at 73
May 06Sam Baker, dies
May 07Alfred Adam, dies at 72
May 08Gilles Villeneuve, Canadian auto racer, dies in an accident
May 09Ab [Albert] Visser, poet/writer (Kaïn sloeg Abel), dies
May 10Jean C M Picart le Doux, French designer, dies
May 10Peter Weiss, German playwright (Marat-Sade), dies at 65
May 11Leigh Snowden, actress (Hot Rod Rumble), dies at 51 of cancer
May 11Piet van Egmond, organist/conductor, dies at 70
May 12Humphrey Searle, writer (20th Century counterpoint), dies at 66
May 13Irmgard Keun, W-German writer (Blühende Neurosen), dies at 72
May 13Kara Abulfazogli Karayev, composer, dies at 64
May 13Renzo Rossellini, Italian composer, dies at 74
May 14Baron Mariel-Henri Jaspar, Belgian minister/ambassador, dies
May 14Hugh Beaumont, actor (Ward-Leave it to Beaver), dies at 73
May 23Louis J N Gérardin, bicyclist (world champ sprint 1930), dies at 69
May 25Larry J Blake, actor (Earth vs the Flying Saucers), dies at 68
May 27Jo Lagrillière, [Joke], Flemish cartoon character, dies at 47
May 29Romy Schneider, actress (Cardinal), dies of cardiac arrest at 43
May 31Jack Dempsey, former heavyweight boxing champ/actor, dies at 86
June 01Hendrik Algra, Newspaper publisher/Dutch MP (ARP), dies
June 08Jean Wiéner, French composer (Olive chez les nègres), dies at 86
June 08[Leroy] Satchel Paige, US baseball pitcher, dies at 75
June 09Guillaume Jorissen, Flemish politician, dies at 60
June 09Hank Ladd, TV host (Arrow Show, Waiting for the Break), dies at 74
June 10Addie "Micki" Harris, US singer (Shirelles-Mama Said), dies at 42
June 10Rainer Werner Fassbinder, German director, dies of drug overdose at 36
June 13Abdul Aziz Khaled, King of Saudi-Arabia, dies at 69
June 13Ken "Slasher" Mackay, cricketer (Aussie all-rounder 1956-63), dies
June 14Marie Rambert, [Cyviam Ramberg], Polish/British ballerina, dies at 94
June 14Marjorie Bennett, actress (Blossom-Dobie Gillis), dies at 87 of cancer
June 15Art[hur E] Pepper, US, alto saxophonist, dies at 56
June 15Neil Fitzgerald, Irish actor (Bride of Frankenstein), dies at 90
June 16John Honeyman-Scott, guitarist (Pretenders), overdoses on drugs
June 18Curt Jurgens, actor (Disorder), dies of an acute heart attack at 66
June 18Djuna Barnes, writer, dies
June 18John Cheever, Pulitzer prize winning author, dies at 70 in Ossining
June 18Roberto Calvi, director (Banco Ambrosiano), hangs himself
June 19John Cheever, US writer (Wapshot Chronicle, Pulitzer), dies at 70
June 22Alan Webb, actor (King Lear, Challenge to Lassie), dies at 75
June 26Alexander Mitscherlich, German psychotherapist, dies
June 26André Tchaikowsy, pianist/composer, dies
June 26Charles Russhon, USAF lt col/liaison for James Bond films, dies at 71
June 26Sandy Powell, costume designer, dies at 82
June 27Jack Mullaney, actor (My Living Doll, It's About Time), dies at 49
June 28Gerard[us M] Rutten, director (Sterren stralen overal), dies
June 28Harry Mills, US, singer (Mills Brothers), dies at 70
June 29Gerard[us PM] Knuvelder, literature historian (Anthology), dies
June 29Henry King, director, dies at 86
July 01John Everett Watts, composer, dies at 51
July 01Shon Coco Palm, [Jacobo JM Palm], Curaçan composer, dies
July 01Vera [A Veronica] Bondam, actress, dies at 86
July 02Poul Rovsing Olsen, composer, dies at 59
July 03Henry King, US director (Song of Bernadette, Gunfighter), dies
July 04Sylvestre A Guzmán Fernández, pres Dominican Rep, commits suicide
July 06Russell Thorson, actor (One Man's Family), dies at 72
July 07Bep [Elisa H] Bakhuis, soccer star/writer, dies at 76
July 07Fred Stuthman, actor (Henry Adler-Hello Larry), dies at 63
July 08Isa Miranda, model/actress (Summertime), dies of infected bone at 77
July 10Gustav MR von Koenigswald, German/Dutch paleontologist, dies at 79
July 10Maria Jeritza, [Jedlicka], Aust/US, singer (Metropolitan Opera), dies
July 12Kenneth More, Brit actor (Genevieve), dies of Parkinson disease at 67
July 13Edith Heerdegen, dies at 69
July 13John Alexander, actor (Alien PI), dies at 85
July 14George Amadee Tremblay, composer, dies at 71
July 15Donald Beard, cricketer (4 Tests for NZ 1952-56), dies
July 15Wendy Caulfield, 1st Green River victim, found near Seattle
July 16Leendert Braat, sculptor/writer (White World), dies
July 16Patrick Dewaere, actor (Catherine & Co), shoots self at 35
July 21Dave Garroway, TV host (Today Show), dies at 69
July 21Jean J A Girault, French director (Gendarme Saint-Tropez), dies at 58
July 23Vic Morrow, actor (Cimmaron), killed during "Twilight Zone" at 53
July 25Beene Dubbelboer, writer (Turfgasgenerator), dies at 76
July 26Betty Walker, actress (Steve Lawrence Show), dies at 54
July 27Dan Seymour, actor (We the People, Sing it Again), dies at 67
July 27Vladimir Smirnov, Russian foil fencer (Olympic-gold-1980), dies at 28
July 28George Kleinsinger, US composer (Tubby the Tuba), dies at 68
July 29Cor[nelis R J] Kieboom, resistor/President Feyenoord, dies at 81
July 29Harold Sakata, actor (Kenji-Sarge), dies at 62
July 29Richard N Gale, English general/paracommandant, dies at 86
July 30Frank Nicholson, S African cricket wicket-keeper (1935-36), dies
August 02Cathleen Nesbitt, English actress (Separate Tables), dies at 93
August 02Rudolf Maros, composer, dies at 65
August 05Wanda Rotha, actress (Mrs Fitzherbert), dies at 72
August 08Ferre Grignard, Belgian pop singer/painter (Crucified Jesus), dies
August 08Hermine Heijermans, author (Snikken en Smartlapjes), dies at 80
August 08Kurt Edelhagen, West German jazz pianist, dies at 62
August 08Valeer van Kerkhove, Flemish writer/producer (De Weerlozen), dies
August 09Aleksandr A Alekseyev, Russian director, dies
August 11Tom Drake, actor (Green Years, Warkill), dies of lung cancer at 63
August 12Helvi Lemmikke Leiviska, composer, dies at 80
August 12Henry Fonda, actor (On Golden Pond), dies of heart disease at 77
August 12Joe Tex, rocker, dies at 49
August 13Charles Walters, US actor/choreographer/dir (High Society), dies at 70
August 13Joe E Ross, comedian (Toody-Car 54, Phil Silvers Show), dies at 77
August 13Joe Tex, [Joseph Arrington Jr], singer (Getting Scarce), dies at 49
August 14Patrick Magee, Irish actor (Clockwork Orange, King Lear), dies at 58
August 15Patrick J G McGee, Irish actor (Barry Lyndon), dies at 60
August 17Barney Phillips, actor (Dragnet, Felony Squad), dies at 68
August 17Ruth Voorst, South African (A World Apart), killed by letter bomb
August 18Beverly Bayne, actress (Romeo & Juliet, Passionate Youth), dies at 87
August 20Ulla Jacobsson, Swedish actress (Zulu), dies of bone cancer at 53
August 21Sobhuza II, king of Swaziland/Ngwane (1921-82), dies
August 23Alberto Cavalcanti, Brazilian director (Herr Puntila), dies at 85
August 23Stanford Moore, US biochemist (Nobel 1977), dies
August 24Jack Siedle, cricketer (batted in 18 Tests for S Africa), dies
August 25John AM "Hans" van Tongeren, actor (Hunk), commits suicide at 27
August 28G W A Chubb, cricketer (5 Tests for South Africa, 21 wickets), dies
August 28Nini de Boël, Flemish operetta singer (White Horse), dies at 84
August 29Ingrid Bergman, actress (Anastasia, Gaslight), dies on 67th birthday
August 29Lehman Engel, US composer (Streetcar Named Desire), dies at 71
August 29Nahum Goldmann, pres Zionist World Organization, dies at 87
August 30Leo[nhard] Pappenheim, conductor, dies at 86
September 01Clifford M Curzon, England, pianist, dies at 75
September 01Wladislaw Gomulka, Polish partisan/party leader, dies at 76
September 02Jay Novello, actor (Harum Scarum, Rebel Breed), dies of cancer at 78
September 02Tom Bakker, actor (Golden Voyage of Sinbad), dies of a drug OD at 42
September 03Della Chiesa, Italian general/mafia fighter, murdered
September 03Michael Thoma, actor (8 is Enough, Fame), dies at 55
September 05Maurice Naessens, Belgian banker, dies at 73
September 09Frederic Dannay, [Ellery Queen], US, detective writer, dies at 76
September 10Max Winders Maximilien, brought Belgium gold reserve to England, dies
September 11Albert Soboult, French historian, dies at 68
September 12Kommer Kleijn, Dutch actor/director (Paul Vlaanderen), dies at 89
September 13Grace, Princess of Monaco, dies at 52 in a car crash
September 13Philip Ober, actor (Gen Stone-I Dream of Jeannie), dies at 80
September 14Bashir Gemayel, falangist Lebanon's president-elect, killed by a bomb
September 14Grace Kelly, princess of Monaco, dies in a car crash at 52
September 14John C Gardner, US, writer (Life & Times of Chaucer High), dies at 49
September 15Sadegh Ghotbzadeh, Iran's former foreign minister, executed in Iran
September 16Rolfe Sedan, actor (Mr Beasley-Burns & Allen Show), dies at 86
September 19Fred Badcock, cricketer (7 Tests for NZ 1930-33, 16 wkts), dies
September 19Samuel L M Barlow, composer, dies at 90
September 23Jimmy Wakely, country western singer, dies of heart failure at 68
September 24Sarah Churchill, actress (Royal Wedding, Spring Meeting), dies at 67
September 26Alec Hurwood, cricketer (Australian off-spinner v WI 1930-31), dies
September 27Saad Sayd, [Abu Walid], Palestinian commandant in Lebanon, dies
September 28Larry Breeding, actor (Who's Watching the Kids), dies on 36th birthday
September 28Mabel Albertson, actress (Gazebo, Bewitched), dies of Alzheimer at 81
September 29H C Slinger Nitschke, cricketer (2 Tests for Australia 1931-32), dies
October 02William Bernbach, advertising magnate, dies at 71
October 03Roger J J Claessen, Belgian soccer star, dies at 41
October 03Vivien Merchant, actress (Accident, Offense), dies at 53
October 04Ahmad H al-Bakr, Iraqi fieldmarshal/president/premier, dies
October 04Glenn H Gould, Canadian pianist, dies at 50
October 08Fernando Lamas, actor/director (Lost World), dies of cancer at 67
October 08Philip J Noel-Baker, English minister (Nobel 1959), dies at 92
October 09Anna Freud, Austria/Engl psychoanalyst/daughter of Sigmund, dies at 86
October 12Chris[tiaan R] Reumer, Dutch opera singer, dies at 73
October 15Elsie Randolph, actress (That'll Make You Whistle), dies
October 16Jacov Gotovac, composer, dies at 86
October 16Mario del Monaco, Italian opera singer (Verdi/Puccini), dies at 67
October 17Peterus van Doorne, Dutch industrialist, dies at 47
October 18Bess Truman, 1st lady (1945-53), dies in Independence, Mo at 97
October 18Maurice Gilliams, Flemish literary (Sources of Insomnia), dies at 82
October 18Pierre Mendès-France, premier France (1954-55), dies
October 19Jock Ewing, dies in an aircrash on TV show "Dallas"
October 23Jacques Klein, Brazilian pianist, dies at 52
October 24James Philbrook, actor (Islanders, Investigators), dies at 58
October 26Giovanni Benelli, archbishop of Florence/Pope candidate, dies
November 01James Broderick, actor (Doug-Family), dies of cancer at 55
November 01King Vidor, director (War & Peace), dies at 88 of a heart ailment
November 01Leighton Lucas, composer, dies at 79
November 03Edward H Carr, British historian, dies at 90
November 04Dominique Dunne, actress (Poltergeist), murdered by boyfriend at 23
November 04Jacques Tati[scheff], French mime/director, dies at 74
November 05Gerda Brautigam, journalist/Dutch MP (PvdA), dies
November 05Jacques Tati[scheff], French actor/director (Parade), dies at 74
November 10Elio Petri, Italian director (Workers Class), dies at 53
November 10Leonid Ilich Brezhnev, Soviet 1st sect, dies of a heart attack at 77
November 13Babette Deutsch, US poet (Honey out of the Rock), dies at 87
November 13Chesney Allen, actress (Okay for Sound, Frozen Limits), dies at 88
November 13Dorothy [Little-]Round, England, tennis star (Never on Sunday), dies
November 14Joachim Stutschewsky, composer, dies at 91
November 16Arthur Askey, British comedian, dies at 82
November 17Bill Baldwin, announcer (Mayor of Hollywood), dies at 69
November 17Duk Koo Kim, S Korean boxer, legally declared dead
November 17Eduard Tubin, composer, dies at 77
November 17Ruth Donnelly, comedienne, dies at 86 in NYC
November 18Donald Dillaway, actor (Min & Bill, Platinum Blonde), dies at 78
November 18H Kipphardt, writer, dies at 60
November 19Erving Goffman, US, sociologist (Asylums), dies at 60
November 21Lee Patrick, actress (Henrietta-Topper, Maltese Falcon), dies at 75
November 22Burton Turkus, lawyer/author/TV host (Mr Arsenic), dies at 80
November 22Enny, [Engelina] de Leeuwe, actress (Anatevka), dies at 84
November 22Max Deutsch, composer, dies at 90
November 23"Reverend" Grady Nutt, actor (Hee Haw), dies at 47
November 25Robert Coote, actor (MacBeth), dies in NYC of a heart attack at 73
November 26Dan Tobin, actor (I Married Joan, My Favorite Martian), dies at 73
November 26Juhan Aavic, composer, dies at 98
November 26Robert Coote, actor (Timmy-Rogues, Theodore-Nero Wolfe), dies at 73
November 27Philipp Kutev, composer, dies at 79
December 01Dorothy James, composer, dies on 81st birthday
December 02David Blue, rocker, dies while jogging in Greenwich Village at 41
December 02Marty Feldman, comedian (Young Frankenstein), dies at 49
December 07Charlie Brooks Jr, convicted murderer became 1st US prisoner to be
December 07executed by lethal injection, at a prison in Huntsville, Texas
December 08André Kamperveen, Suriname minister, murdered
December 08Bertus de Harder, Dutch soccer star (Bordeaux), dies
December 08Bram Behr, Suriname revolutionary, murdered
December 08Cyrill Daal, Suriname worker's union leader, murdered
December 08Frank Wijngaarde, Suriname journalist, murdered
December 08Harald Riedewald, Suriname attorney, murdered
December 08John Baboeram, Suriname lawyer, murdered
December 08Jozef Slagveer, Suriname journalist, murdered
December 08Kenneth Goncalves, Deacon of Surinamese order of advocate, murdered
December 08Leckie, Suriname scholar, murdered
December 08Leslie Rahman, Suriname journalist, murdered
December 08Marty Robbins, country singer, dies at 57
December 08Shakey, [Walter Horton], rocker, dies at 72
December 08Surendre Rambocus, Suriname army lieutenant, murdered
December 09Fritz Usinger, German writer (Song against Death), dies at 87
December 09Joey Forman, actor (Sid Caesar Show, Joey Bishop Show), dies at 53
December 09Leon Jaworski, special prosecutor (Watergate), dies at 77
December 09Marty Robbins, country singer, dies
December 09Paul Godwin, [Goldfein], Polish/Dutch violist, dies at 80
December 09Roger Danneels, Flemish accordionist, dies at 55
December 10Freeman "Amos" Gosden, US radio actor (Amos 'n' Andy), dies at 83
December 10Roy Webb, composer, dies at 94
December 13Jack Badcock, cricketer (7 Tests, 1 century but inconsistent), dies
December 16Anthony C B Chapman, England, formula 1 racer, dies at 54
December 17Leonid B Kogan, Russian violist, dies at 58
December 17Philipp Jarnach, composer, dies at 90
December 18Raymond Emery, cricketer (2 Tests NZ v WI 1952, 46 runs, 2 wkts), dies
December 18Tibor de Machula, Hungary/Neth cellist, dies at 70
December 19Jean-Jacques Grunenwald, French organist/composer, dies at 71
December 19Lawrence Collingwood, composer, dies at 95
December 20Artur Rubinstein, pianist (My Young Years), dies in Geneva at 95
December 23Jack Webb, actor (Joe Friday-Dragnet), dies of a heart attack at 62
December 23Norman Dinnerstein, composer, dies at 45
December 24Louis Aragon, French poet (Pour un Réalisme Socialiste), dies at 85
December 27John Leonard Swigert Jr, astronaut (Apollo 13), dies of cancer at 51
December 28Frederick Douglass Hall, composer, dies at 84
December 29Sol C Siegel, US film producer (High Society), dies at 79