People Who Died in The Eighties, 1987
January 01Gustav Knuth, actor (Heidi, Rats), dies at 85
January 04F van Heek, Dutch sociologist, dies at 79
January 04Jack Martin, cricketer (Eng pace bowler, 1-111 & 0-18 in Test), dies
January 04Peggy Bacon, author/illustrator (Off With Their Heads), dies at 91
January 05Margaret Laurence, Canadian author, dies at 60
January 07Larry Carr, pianist (Flight to Rhythm), dies at 72
January 08P G Joshi, cricketer (12 Tests for India 1951-60, ct 18 stp 9), dies
January 08Peter Adams, actor (Alternative, Blowing Hot & Cold), dies at 69
January 09Arthur Lake, actor (Dagwood-Blondie), dies at 81
January 13E van Ruller, Dutch journalist/co-founder (Trouw, Loyal), dies
January 14Douglas Sirk, director (Zu Neuen Ufern, Boefje), dies at 86
January 15Dolores Hawkins, singer (Guy Mitchell Show), dies at 58
January 15Gerrit Borgers, Dutch literary, dies at 69
January 15Ray Bolger, actor/dancer (Wizard of Oz), dies at 83
January 16Earl Wilson, Bdwy columnist (Midnight Earl), dies in Yonkers at 79
January 16Ilse Langen, writer, dies at 87
January 16Joyce Jameson, comedienne (Spike Jones Show), dies at 54
January 19Gerald Brenan, English writer, dies at 92
January 20Tom Dollery, cricketer (4 Tests for Eng 1947-50), dies
January 21Pieter G Buckinx, Flemish writer (7th Day), dies at 83
January 22R Budd Dwyer, Penns State Treasurer, facing prison for conspiracy
January 22& perjury, shot himself to death at a televised news conference
January 25Emil Hlobil, composer, dies at 85
January 29Ivo Lhotka-Kalinski, composer, dies at 73
January 30Angelo Rutherford, actor (Willie-Gentle Ben), dies at 32
January 30Ken Drake, actor (Crime & Punishment USA), dies
January 31Yves Allégret, French director (Such a lovely tiny beach), dies at 79
February 01Erin Westmore, makeup artist (Hollywood Backstage), dies at 82
February 02Alfred Lion, record founder (Blue Note), dies at 78
February 02Patrick "Spike" Hughes, Brit jazz musician (Cinderella), dies at 78
February 04Liberace, pianist (Liberace Show, Evil Chandell-Batman), dies at 67
February 07David Savoy Jr, rock manager (Hüsker Du), commits suicide at 24
February 08Bronislawa Wajs [Papuscha], writer, dies
February 08Harriet MacGibbon, actress (Mrs Drysdale-Beverly Hillbillies), dies
February 08Hendrik Koekoek, founder (Dutch Boer party), dies at 74
February 12Lang Jeffries, Canadian actor (Skip-Rescue 8), dies at 55
February 13M L "Curly" Page, cricketer (NZ Test capt 1933), dies
February 14Bola Sete, guitarist, dies at 63
February 14Dmitry Borisovich Kabalevsky, composer, dies at 82
February 15Jimmy Holiday, US singer (Baby I Love You), dies at 42
February 15Osmo Uolevi Lindeman, composer, dies at 57
February 16Dmitri Borisovich Kabalevsky, composer, dies at 82
February 17Hal K Dawson, actor (Another Language, Wells Fargo), dies
February 17Verree Teasdale, actress (Skyscraper Souls), dies
February 20Ivan Brkanovic, composer, dies at 80
February 22Andy Warhol, pop artist, dies of a heart attack at 58
February 22David Susskind, TV host (Open End, David Susskind Show), dies at 66
February 22Glenway Wescott, US writer (Apartment in Athens), dies at 85
February 23Esmond Knight, actor (Black Narcissus, Henry V), dies at 80
February 25James Coco, actor (Joe-Dumplings), dies at 58
February 27Joan Greenwood, English actress (Gentle Sex, Bad Sister), dies at 65
February 28Anny Ondra, actress (Blackmail), dies at 83
February 28Nora Kaye, US ballet dancer, dies at 67
March 02Randolph Scott, actor (Ft Worth, Gung Ho, Jesse James), dies at 89
March 03Danny Kaye, comedian (Danny Kaye Show), dies at 74
March 11[Wayne] Woody Hayes, football coach (Ohio State), dies at 74
March 13Bernhard Grzimek, West German zoologist, dies at 77
March 13Finn Videro, composer, dies at 80
March 13Gerald Moore, England, pianist (Am I Too Loud), dies at 87
March 15Sterling W Cole, (Rep-R-NY), dies at 82
March 16Scott McKay, actor (Guest in House, 30 Seconds over Tokyo), dies at 71
March 18Bil Baird, puppeteer (Jack Paar Show), dies at 82
March 19Arch Oboler, radio writer (Lights Out), dies at 77
March 19Emile Meyer, actor (Young Jesse James, Lineup), dies
March 19Louis Broglie, French physicist (Nobel 1929), dies at 94
March 19Tony Stratton-Smith, journalist/record co CEO (Charisma), dies at 53
March 20Norman Harris, guitarist (O'Jays), dies at 39 of heart failure
March 21Dean Paul Martin, actor (Billy-Misfits of Science), dies at 35
March 21Robert Preston, actor (Harold Hill-Music Man), dies at 68
March 22Joan Shawlee, actress (Abbott & Costello Show), dies at 58
March 23Dean Paul Martin, musician/tennis pro, killed in plane crash at 29
March 25Henry R LaBouisse, headed UNICEF (1965-79), dies at 83
March 26Walter Abel, actor (Suspicion), dies at 88
March 27Lloyd Goodrich, American Arts Museum director, dies at 90
March 28Maria Augusta Trapp, singer (Trapp Family Singers), dies at 82
March 28Patrick Troughton, actor (Dr Who-Dr Who), dies at 56
April 02Buddy Rich, drummer/orch leader (Away We Go), dies at 69
April 04C[atherine] L[ucille] Moore, author (Judgment Night), dies at 76
April 07Maxine Sullivan, [Williams], US actress (Going Places), dies at 75
April 08Francis C Denebrink, US Naval officer (WW I, WW II, Korea) dies at 90
April 11Erskine Caldwell, novelist (Tobacco Road), dies at 83
April 11Kent Taylor, actor (Boston Blackie, Rough Riders), dies at 79
April 11Primo Levi, Italy, chemist/writer (Survival in Auschwitz), dies at 67
April 12Ewan Calague, economist/statistician (Social Security) dies at 90
April 14Karl Holler, composer, dies at 79
April 17Carlton Barrett, Jamaican reggae drummer (No woman no cry), dies at 36
April 17Dick Shawn, comedian (Producers), dies on stage at 57
April 19Hugh "Lumpy" Brannum, Actor (Mr Green Jeans), dies at 77
April 19Maxwell D Taylor, US commander 101st airborne (WW II), dies at 85
April 20Antony Tudor, dancer/choreographer (Amer Ballet Theater) dies at 78
April 21Edith S Green, (Rep-D-Ore), dies at 77
April 28Ben Linder, development worker, murdered by Contras in Nicaragua
April 30Hugh Dempster, actor (Anna Karenina, Candles at Nine), dies
May 03Dicky Fuller, cricketer (one Test for WI 1935, one run, 0-12), dies
May 03Yolande Christina Dalida, dies at 54
May 04Cathryn Damon, actress (Mary Campbell-Soap), dies at 56
May 04Dick Hillenius, Dutch biologist/writer, dies at 59
May 04Paul Butterfield, singer/harmonica player, dies of drug abuse at 44
May 06William J Casey, director of CIA (1981-87), dies at 73
May 07Colin Blakely, dies at 56
May 08Pam Ewing, (Victoria Principal) character on Dallas, is killed off
May 09Obafemi Awolowo, Nigeria, pres of Nigeria (1979-83), dies at 78
May 12Victor Feldman, pianist/drummer, dies at 53
May 14Rita Hayworth, actress (Gilda), dies of Alzheimer's disease at 68
May 15John Baur, museum director, dies at 78
May 15Wynne Gibson, actor (Night After Night, Aggie Appleby), dies
May 17Gunnar Myrdal, Sweden, economist (Nobel 1974), dies at 88
May 18Wilbur J Cohen, 1st employee of Social Security System, dies at 73
May 19Alice B[radley] Sheldon, sci-fi author (Byte Beautiful), dies at 71
May 21Alejandro Rey, actor (Carlos-Flying Nun), dies at 57
May 22Mario Zafred, composer, dies at 65
May 23Karel Albert, Flemish composer (Marieken van Nymeghen), dies at 86
May 24Hermione Ferdinanda Gingold, actress (Gigi, Music Man), dies at 89
May 28Charles Ludlam, actor (Big Easy), dies at 44
May 29Alain Vincx, Belgian stuntman, dies in an accident at 40
May 30Frank Carlson, (Gov/Rep/Sen-R-Ks), dies at 94
May 30Turk Murphy, jazz trombonist, dies at 71
May 31Dorothy Patrick, actress (Torch Song, New Orleans, High Wall), dies
June 01Errol W Barrow, PM of Barbados (1961-76), dies at 67
June 01Rashid Karame, 10 time premier of Lebanon, dies in bomb attack at 65
June 02Andrés Segovia, Spanish composer/guitarist, dies at 94
June 02Sammy Kaye, orch leader (Sammy Kaye Show), dies at 77
June 03Andres Segovia, guitarist, dies
June 03Will Sampson, actor (From Here to Eternity, Yellow Rose), dies at 54
June 07John Blofeld, writer/translator/Zen practitioner, dies at 73
June 08Yogi Horton, drummer (Luther Vandross), commits suicide at 33
June 09Grandon Rhodes, actor (Gentleman From Nowhere), dies
June 09Madge Kennedy, actress (Marrying Kind, 3 Bad Sisters), dies
June 10Elizabeth Hartman, actress (Fixer, Patch of Blue), dies at 45
June 13Geraldine Page, actress (Blue & Gray), dies at 62
June 14Les Favell, cricketer (757 runs for Australia), dies
June 15J A K Cochrane, cricketer (Test for S Afr 1931), dies
June 15Walter W Heller, US economist (Old Myths & New Realities), dies at 71
June 16Henk H Badings, mine engineer/composer (Orestes, Kaïn), dies at 80
June 17Dick Howser, mgr (NY Yankees & KC Royal), dies of brain cancer at 51
June 18Bruce Marshall, writer, dies at 87
June 22Fred Astaire, actor/dancer (Royal Wedding, Let's Dance), dies at 88
June 24Hophnie Hobah Hines Johnson, cricketer (3 Tests for WI), dies
June 24Jackie Gleason, comedian (Honeymooners), dies of colon cancer at 71
June 25Boudleaux Bryant, song writer (for Everly Bros), dies at 67
June 26Glen Hall, cricketer (Test for South Africa 1965), commits suicide
June 27Jackie Gleason, comedian (Ralph Kramden-Honeymooners), dies at 71
June 30Federico Mompou, composer, dies at 94
June 30King Donovan, actor/director (Enforcer, Perfect Furlough), dies
July 02Karl Linnas, accused Nazi, dies of heart failure in Russia
July 02Michael Bennet, choreographer (Chorus Line), dies of AIDS at 44
July 03Viola Dana, actress (Willow Tree, 40 Winks, Silent Lover), dies at 90
July 10John Hammond, Jazz reviewer (Melody Maker), dies at 76
July 11Thomas F Waddell, founder (Gay Olympics), dies of AIDS at 50
July 13Patience Collier, dies
July 15Alfie Bass, actor (Moonraker, Are You Being Served), dies at 66
July 15Jack O'Hagan, cricketer/composer (Our Don Bradman), dies
July 18Gilberto Freye, Brazilian sociologist/writer, dies at 87
July 20Richard Egan, actor (Big Cube, Amsterdam Kill), dies at 63
July 22A G Kripal Singh, cricketer (14 Tests for India), dies
July 25Malcolm Baldrige, Secretary of Commerce, dies of internal injuries
July 26Joe Liggins, US composer (I've a Right to Cry), dies at 71
July 27Travis Jackson, baseball player (NY Giants), dies at 83
July 28James Burnham, philosopher (Coming Defeat of Communism), dies at 81
July 29Arthur Chipperfield, cricketer (14 Tests for Australia), dies
July 30Mary Spinell, actress (Last Horror Film), dies
August 01Benson Fong, actress (Charlie Chan, Purple Heart), dies at 70
August 01Pola Negri, actress (Forbidden Paradise), dies at 92
August 02Myron Stout, US abstract artist, dies at 79
August 04Kenny Price, comedian (Midwestern Hayride, Hee Haw), dies at 56
August 05Zygmunt Mycielsky, composer, dies at 79
August 06Ira C Eaker, commandant USAF in Europe (WW II), dies at 91
August 06Sherwood Bailey, actor (Spud-Our Gang), dies
August 07Camille Chamoun, president of Lebanon, dies at 87
August 07Nobusuke Kishi, premier of Japan (1957-60), dies at 90
August 09Kees de Galan, Dutch economist, dies at 55
August 10Calvin Culver, actor (Score), dies
August 10Clara Peller, actress (Where's the Beef), dies at 86
August 10I W Able, CEO (United Steel Workers of America, 1965-77), dies at 87
August 10Raquel Torres, actress (Duck Soup, Sea Bat), dies
August 11Clara Peller, commercial spokesperson (Wendy's), dies at 86
August 13Vincent Persichetti, US composer (Sibyl), dies at 72
August 17Charles Drummond de Andrade, Brazilian poet, dies at 84
August 17Rudolph Hess, Nazi (46 years in Spandau Prison), commits suicide at 93
August 19Hayden Rorke, Brooklyn, actor (I Dream of Jeannie, Night Walker), dies
August 21Karl Bruck, entertainer, dies
August 23Siegfried Borris, composer, dies at 80
August 24Bayard Rustin, US civil rights activist, dies at 77
August 26John Goddard, cricketer (West Indian captain 1948-53), dies
August 28John Huston, US/Irish actor/director (Maltese Falcon), dies at 81
August 29Lee Marvin, actor (Cat Ballou, Gorky Park), dies in Tucson Ariz at 63
September 03Morton Feldman, US composer, dies at 61
September 03Viktor P Nekrasov, Ukraine architect/author (Soldiers), dies at 76
September 03Vokopach Stalingrada/Kira Georgijevna, dies at 76
September 05Bill Bowes, cricketer (Bodyline bowler, 68 wkts for England), dies
September 09Gerrit John Heijn, senior executive (Ahold), kidnapped/murdered
September 11Lorne Greene, actor (Bonanza, Battlestar Galactica), dies at 72
September 12John Qualen, actor (Patch of Blue, Jungle Book), dies
September 13Mervyn Leroy, actor/screenwriter/director (Quo Vadis), dies at 86
September 15Bob Tadema Sporry, author, dies at 75
September 20Michael Stewart,
September 21Ruth Attaway, actress (Porgy & Bess, Conrack, Being There), dies
September 22Christopher Stryker, entertainer, dies at 27
September 22Dan Rowan, actor (Rowan & Martin's Laugh-in), dies at 65
September 22John F "Jaco" Pastorius, rock guitarist (Weather Report), dies at 35
September 22Louis Philip Kentner, composer, dies at 82
September 23Bob Fosse, choreographer (All the Jazz), dies at 62
September 23O B McClinton, US country singer (Man needs a woman), dies at 47
September 25Emlyn Williams, actor/director (I Accuse, Ivanhoe, Scarf), dies at 81
September 25Mary Astor, actress (Cynthia, Meet Me in St Louis, Fiesta), dies at 81
September 28Mehdi Hashemi, Iranian aid of Ayatollah Khomeini, shot for treason
September 29Henry Ford II, president Ford Motor Co, dies at 70
September 30Alfred Bester, sci-fi author (Dark Side of Earth), dies at 73
October 02Madeleine Carroll, actress (39 Steps, Secret Agent), dies at 81
October 02Peter Brian Medawar, medical scientist, dies
October 03Jean Anouilh, French playwright (Ball of the Voleurs), dies at 77
October 09Clare A Booth Luce, US diplomat/journalist, dies at 84
October 12Alfred M Landon, former Kansas Gov, dies at his Topeka home at 100
October 12Philleo Nash, US Bureau of Indian Affairs (1961-67), dies at 77
October 13Walter H Brattain, US physicist (transistors, Nobel 1956), dies at 85
October 14Rodolfo Halffter, composer, dies at 86
October 15Thomas Sankara, president of Burkina Faso, dies
October 16Dana Suesse, songwriter (You Ought to be in Pictures), dies at 75
October 18Theodore Brameld, author (Use of Explosive Ideas), dies at 83
October 19Jacqueline du Pre, British cellist, dies at 42
October 21Ying-Chin Ho, Taiwan govt official, dies at 88
October 22Lino Ventura, Italian/French actor (Medusa touch), dies at 68
October 24Constantin Alajalov, Russian artist, dies at 86
October 25Cecil Brown, news correspondent (CBS), dies at 80
October 27Jean Hélion, artist/author (Museum of Living Art), dies at 83
October 27Vijay Merchant, cricketer (Test average 47 72, 1st-class avg 71), dies
October 28André Masson, France, surrealist artist (Labyrinth), dies at 91
October 28Woody Herman, US jazz clarinetist/composer, dies at 74
October 29Kamal El Mallakh, dies at 57
October 29Woody Herman, bandleader/composer (Thundering Herds), dies at 74
October 31Joseph Campbell, mythologist (Mythic Image), dies at 83
November 01Réne Lévesque, Quebec premier (1976-85), dies at 65
November 04Raphael Soyer, artist (Depression scenes in NYC), dies at 87
November 06Ross R Barnett, lawyer/(Gov-D-Miss), dies at 89
November 06William C Pahlmann, interior decorator (4 Seasons NYC), dies at 80
November 11L T Coggeshall, medical scientist (Sec of HEW 1956-58), dies at 86
November 11Nico Slothouwer, poet (Liefdesstratenplan), commits suicide at 30
November 12Roger Lewis, aviation exec (Lockheed, C Wright, Pan Am), dies at 75
November 14Pieter Menten, Dutch war criminal, dies at 88
November 17Irene Wicker, singer/actress (Singing Lady), dies at 81
November 18Jacques Anquetil, French cyclist (5x Tour de France), dies at 53
November 21James E Folsom, (Alabama-Gov, 1947-51, 1955-59), dies at 79
November 22Ted Taylor, rock vocalist, dies
November 25Anton F Pieck, illustrator (1001 Nights), dies at 92
November 25Harold Washington, 1st black mayor of Chicago (D, 1983-87), dies at 65
November 26Emmanuel Bondeville, composer, dies at 89
November 26Thomas G Lanphier Jr, US WW II pilot, dies at 71
November 28Choh Hao Li, bio-chemist prof (isolated growth hormones), dies at 74
November 28Paul Arma, composer, dies at 83
November 29Howard Pyle, (Gov-R-Az, 1951-55), dies at 81
November 29Irene Handl, actress (Riding High, Morgan), dies at 85
November 30Arthur H Dean, lawyer/advisor to FDR, dies at 89
November 30James Baldwin, writer (Go Tell it on the Mountain), dies at 63
November 30Simon Carmiggelt, journalist/literary (Kronkel), dies at 74
December 01Donn Fulton Eisele, Col USAF/astronaut, dies of a heart attack at 57
December 01James Arthur Baldwin, writer (Another Country), dies at 63
December 04Rouben Mamoulian, dir (Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde), dies at 90
December 05"Fat" Larry James, US drummer (Fat Larry's Band-Zoom), dies at 38
December 06James Dobson, actor (Impulse, Jet Attack, Okinawa), dies
December 10Jascha Heifetz, Russia, violinist, dies at 86
December 12Louis de Meester, composer, dies at 83
December 14Paul Clinton Sundberg, actor (Belle of NY, Easter Parade), dies
December 16Albert P Morano, (Rep-R-Conn, 1951-59), dies at 79
December 17Bernard Cardinal Alfrink, archbishop of Utrecht Neth, dies at 87
December 17Marguerite Yourcenard, author (Memoirs of Hadrien), dies at 84
December 21Robert Paige, actor (Son of Dracula, Pardon My Sarong), dies
December 22Alice Terry, [Taaffe], actress (4 Horsemen of Apocalypse), dies
December 22Leonidas Zoras, composer, dies at 82
December 24John M "Joop" de Uyl, Dutch social-dem premier (1973-77), dies at 68
December 27Priscilla Dean, actress (Outside the Law), dies of injuries at 91
December 27Rewi Alley, NZ author, pro Chinese communist, dies at 90 in Beijing
December 28Charles Malik, Lebanon's 1st delegate to UN, dies at 81
December 31[Gordon] Randall [P D] Garrett, author (Lord Darcy), dies at 60