People Who Died in The Eighties, 1985
January 03Lucien Cailliet, composer, dies at 93
January 04Brian Gwynne Horrocks, English lt-general (A Full Life), dies at 89
January 06Robert H W Welch Jr, US founder/leader John Birch Society, dies at 85
January 07Johnny Guarnieri, jazz pianist (Morey Amsterdam Show), dies at 67
January 09Don Brennan, cricket wicketkeeper (England in 2 Tests 1951), dies
January 13Carol Wayne, Johnny Carson's teatime movie hostess, dies at 42
January 14Jetta Goudal, French actress (White Gold), dies at 86
January 18Mahmoud Taha, Sudanese Moslem leader, hanged at 76
January 18Wilfrid Brambell, actor (Hard Day's Night, Boys), dies at 72
January 20Jo Juda, Dutch musician, dies at 75
January 21Barbara Cowsill, rocker (Cowsills), dies of emphysema
January 26James Cameron, journalist, dies
January 30Ken Mayers, actor (Robbie Robertson-Space Patrol), dies at 67
February 06Charles Briggs, actor (13 Frightened Girls, Capt Newman), dies at 53
February 06Dandy Nichols, actress (Confessions of a Window Cleaner), dies at 78
February 07Albert Dondeyne, Belgian philosopher/theologist, dies at 83
February 07Uday Merchant, cricket (bro of Vijay, prolific scorer), dies
February 08Marvin Miller, actor (Michael Anthony-Millionaire), dies at 71
February 08Tom Greenway, actor (Miami Story), dies of a heart attack at 75
February 11Heinz Eric Roemheld, composer, dies of pneumonia at 83
February 11Henry Hathaway, actor/director (Nob Hill), dies of heart attack at 86
February 11Ulysses Sipmson Kay, composer, dies at 68
February 12Nicholas Colssanto, actor (Coach-Cheers), dies at 61
February 16Larry Ward, actor (Frank Ragan-Dakotas), dies at 69
February 17Wanda Perry, actress (Roberta, Death of a Salesman), dies at 67
February 18Willy Alberti, [Carel Verbruggen], Dutch singer, dies at 58
February 19Elizabeth Julesberg, author (Dick & Jane), dies
February 19George Holmes, actor (Man in the Trunk), dies at 66
February 20Clarence Nash, voice (Donald Duck), dies at 80 of leukemia, in Calif
February 21Eric Herfst, Dutch cabaret performer (Floris), dies at 47
February 21Ina Claire, actress/comedienne (3 Bdwy Girls), dies of stroke at 89
February 21Louis Hayward, actor (Lone Wolf, Survivors), dies of lung cancer at 75
February 22Alexander Scourby, actor (Victory at Sea, Ransom), dies at 71
February 22Efrem A Zimbalist, Russian/US composer/violinist, dies at 95
February 23Alexander Scourby, actor (Jesus, Shaggy Dog, Giant), dies at 71
February 27David Huffman, actor (FIST, Jane Doe, Firefox, Onion Field), dies
February 27Henry Cabot Lodge, (Sen-R)/diplomat, dies at 82
February 27Pat J O'Malley, actor (My Favorite Martian, Maude), dies at 83
February 28Charita Bauer, actress (Mary-Aldrich Family), dies at 62 in NYC
March 01Eugene List, US concert pianist, dies at 66
March 02John B Kelly Jr, chairman US Olympic Committee, dies at 57
March 02Michael Redgrave, actor (Goodbye Mr Chips), dies at 77 of Parkinson's
March 03Sarah Blanding, 1st US fem college head (Vassar 1946-64), dies at 86
March 06Eric Sloane, US artist, dies at 80
March 07George Schick, Czech conductor (Chicago Symphony), dies at 76
March 07Robert W Woodruff, CEO (Coca-Cola), dies at 95
March 07Victor W Farris, inventor of paper milk carton, etc, dies
March 08Edward Andrews, actor (Broadside), dies at 70 of a heart attack
March 08Thomas Creighton, US heart patient (3 implants in 46 hrs), dies at 33
March 10Konstantin Chernenko, party leader/pres of USSR (1984-85), dies at 73
March 12Eugene Ormandy [Blau], Hungarian/US conductor, dies at 85
March 16B V A Röling, Dutch lawyer (WW II Tokyo trials), dies at 78
March 16Roger Huntington Sessions, US composer (Black Masks), dies at 88
March 17Dattu Phadkar, cricketer (Indian all-rounder, 31 Tests 1947-58), dies
March 18Jack Miller, orch leader (Kate Smith Evening Hour), dies at 89
March 21Michael Redgrave, actor (Goodbye Mr Chips, Mr Arkadin), dies at 77
March 21Salvador Ley, composer, dies at 78
March 23Anton Constandse, Dutch anarchist/writer, dies at 85
March 23Patricia Roberts Harris, (Rep-D), dies at 60
March 23Singing Nun, commits suicide in Belgium at 52
March 28Marc Chagall, French painter, dies at 97
March 28Nand Baert, Belgian radio/tv-host, dies at 53
March 30Harold Peary, actor (Herb-Blondie, Willy), dies of heart attack at 76
April 05Tyrell Johnson, cricketer (WI left-arm quickie, one Test 1939), dies
April 11Enver Hoxha, party leader/premier of Albania, dies at 76
April 14Enver Hoxha, Albanian leader (1944-85), dies
April 14Reginald Beane, pianist (Starlit Time, Once Upon a Tune), dies at 63
April 16Scott Brady, [Gerald Tierney], actor (Shotgun Slade), dies at 60
April 17Ilona Bodden, writer, dies
April 21Rudi Gernreich, US designer (miniskirt), dies at 62
April 21Tancredo Neves, president-elect of Brazil, dies at 75
April 23Kent Smith, actor (Peyton Place, Invaders), dies at 78
April 23Sam J Ervin Jr, (Sen-D-NC), dies at 88
April 24Sergei Yutkevich, Russian director, (Otello, Banya), dies at 80
April 25Murray Matheson, actor (Felix-Banacek), dies at 72
April 25Richard Haydn, British actor (Mutiny on the Bounty), dies at 80
April 30George Pravada, actor (Felscher-Holocaust), dies at 66
May 02Hal LeRoy, dancer/actor (Harold Teen), dies at 71 after surgery
May 02Milton S Eisenhower, US diplomat, dies at 85
May 07Dawn Addams, actress (Alan Young Show, Star Maidens), dies at 54
May 08Dolph Sweet, actor (Gil McGowan-Another World), dies at 74
May 08Edmond O'Brien, actor (Sam Benedict), dies of Alzheimer's at 69
May 08Karl Marx, German composer/conductor, dies at 87
May 09Edmond O'Brien, actor (Moon Pilot, Wild Bunch), dies at 69
May 11Chester Gould, cartoonist (Dick Tracy), dies at 84
May 11Garmt Stuiveling, literatrary (Ego & Echo), dies at 77
May 11Jorja Curtright, actor (Whistle Stop), dies of a heart attack
May 11Samuel Frith, English co-founder of soccer team (Bradford City), dies
May 12Jean Debuffet, French painter/sculptor, dies
May 13Leatrice Joy, silent screen star, dies in Riverdale (Bronx) NYC at 91
May 13Selma Diamond, comedienne (Selma-Night Court), dies of cancer at 64
May 14Mohammed Munir, Indonesian worker's union leader, executed
May 15Jackie Curtis, actor (Underground USA), dies of a drug overdose at 38
May 16Margaret Hamilton, actress (Wicked Witch-Wizard of Oz), dies at 82
May 17Bobby Ewing, (Patrick Duffy) killed off on Dallas
May 17Hugh Burden, actor (Night of Laughing Dead), dies at 72
May 17Margaret Hamilton, actress (Wizard of Oz), dies
May 18Tex Terry, actor (Apache Rose, Timberjack), dies at 82
May 20George Memmoli, actor (Earl-Hello Larry), dies at 46
May 25Harold Hecht, choreographer, dies at 77 of cancer
May 25Robert Nathan, US writer/poet (Portrait of Jennie), dies at 91
May 27Kay Campbell, actress (All My Children), dies at 80
May 2939, die at Heysel Stadium in Liverpool in a riot prior to soccor match
May 29Madge West, actress (Grandma-McLean Stevenson Show), dies at 93
June 01Richard Greene, actor (Adv of Robin Hood), dies at 67
June 06Siem Devout, Dutch actor, dies at 54
June 10Bob Prince, sportscaster (Monday Night Baseball), dies at 68
June 10George Chandler, actor (Lassie), dies of Alzheimer's disease at 87
June 11Karen Ann Quinlan, comatose patient, dies in Morris Plains NJ at 31
June 15Len Hopwood, cricketer (took 0-155 in two Tests Eng v Aust 1934), dies
June 15Percy Fender, cricketer (13 Tests for England, 380 runs 29 wkts), dies
June 17Piet De Somer, Belgian rector of University of Louvain, dies at 67
June 28James Craig, actor (Human Comedy, Kismet), dies of lung cancer at 74
June 30James Dewar, inventor (Twinkie), dies
July 04John de Quay, Dutch premier (1959-63), dies at 83
July 05Gerard Schmook, Flemish literature historian/custodian, dies at 86
July 05Jack Robertson, S Afr cricket spinner (3 Tests v Aust 1935-36), dies
July 05Marion Byron, actress (Steamboat Bill Jr), dies at 73
July 07Patti McCarty, actress (Gangster of the Frontier), dies at 64
July 08Gardner Cowles Jr, US publisher (Look Magazine), dies at 82
July 08Phil Foster, comedian (Frank De Fazio-Laverne & Shirley), dies at 72
July 08Simon Kuznets, US economist (Nobel 1971), dies at 84
July 09Rafael Campos, actor (Ramon-Rhoda, Sancho-V), dies of cancer at 49
July 10Fernando Pereira, military activist, murdered
July 16Heinrich Böll, German writer (Nobel 1972), dies at 67
July 16Wayne King, orch leader (Wayne King Show), dies at 84
July 17Czeslaw Josef Marek, composer, dies at 93
July 17Margo, actress (Rumba, Viva Zapata), dies at 68 of a brain tumor
July 21Mickey Shaughnessy, actor (Chicago Teddy Bears), dies at 65
July 21Vicki Vola, actress (Miss Miller-Mr District Attorney)
July 23Kay Kyser, bandleader (Kay Kyser's Kollege), dies at 79
July 27Joseph "Smoky Joe" Wood, pitcher (Boston Red Sox), dies at 95
July 28Grant Williams, actor (Shrinking Man), dies of toxic poisoning at 54
July 29James F Nolan, actor (Dante), dies of cancer at 69
July 31Eugene Carson Blake, sec-gen World Council of Churches, dies at 78
July 31Murray Chapple, cricketer (14 Tests for NZ, 497 runs), dies
August 01Joseph Walker, cameraman, dies at 92
August 02Frank Faylen, vaudevillian, dies of pneumonia at 79
August 02Sandy Bell, South African cricket pace bowler (16 Tests), dies
August 04Zbynek Vostrak, composer, dies at 65
August 05Theodore Sturgeon, sci-fi author (Hugo, It, Caviar), dies at 67
August 07Grayson Hall, actor (Dark Shadows), dies of cancer at 58
August 08Louise Brooks, actress (Pandora's Box), dies of a heart attack at 78
August 10Kenny Backer, comedian (Time Bandits), dies of a heart attack at 72
August 12Marcel Mihalovici, composer, dies at 86
August 13Marion Martin, actress (Dakota Lil, Queen of Burlesque), dies at 67
August 14Gale Sondergaard, actress (Letter), dies of cerebral thrombosis at 86
August 15Richard Yardumian, US composer (Creator Spirit), dies at 68
August 20Harchand Singh Longowai, Sikh leader, shot by Sikh extremists
August 22Ginty Lush, cricketer (NSW quickie of 30's), dies
August 24Paul Creston [Giuseppe/Joseph Guttoveggio], US composer, dies at 78
August 25Samantha Smith, actress (Elizabeth-Lime Street), dies in plane at 13
August 26Pieter Jongeling, Dutch MP/editor (GPV, Netherlands Daily), dies at 76
August 28Ruth Gordon, actress (Big Bus), dies of a stroke in her sleep at 88
August 29Alexander Abramsky, composer, dies at 87
August 29Evelyn Ankers, actress (Black Beauty, Jungle Woman), dies at 67
August 29Patrick Barr, actor (Black Orchid, On the Run), dies at 77
September 02Abe Lenstra, Dutch soccer star, dies at 64
September 03Joe Jones, drummer, dies at 73
September 03John Herbert McDowell, composer, dies at 58
September 04George O'Brien, actor (Daniel Boone, Salute), dies of a stroke at 85
September 04Isabel Jeans, actress (Suspicion, Easy Virtue, Tovarich), dies at 93
September 06Jane Frazee, singer/actress (Alice-Beulah), dies at 67 of pneumonia
September 06Johnny Desmond, singer (Your Hit Parade), dies of cancer at 65
September 06Leon Orthel, composer, dies at 79
September 10Alexa Kenin, actress (Mousie-Coed Fever), dies at 23
September 11William Alwyn, composer, dies at 79
September 13Dane Rudhyar, composer, dies at 90
September 17Laura Ashley, Welsh fashion designer, dies by accident
September 19Italo Calvino, sci-fi author (T-Zero, Mr Palomar), dies at 61
September 22Axel Springer, German newspaper magnate (Bild Zeitung), dies at 73
September 23Mickey Simpson, actor (Wagonmaster), dies of a heart attack at 72
September 25Albert Moeschinger, composer, dies at 88
September 27Lloyd Nolan, actor (Dr Chegley-Julia), dies of lung cancer at 83
September 30Charles F Richter, US seismologist (scale of R), dies at 85
September 30Heleb MacInnes, US spy writer (Affiliate in place), dies at 77
September 30Simone Signoret, German/French actress (Room at Top, Gina), dies at 64
October 01Charlotte White, US author (New Yorker, Charlotte's Web), dies at 86
October 02George Savalas, actor (Kojak), dies at 58
October 02Rock Hudson, actor (MacMillian & Wife), dies of AIDS at 59
October 02Sidney Clute, actor (Lou Grant, Cagney & Lacey), dies at 69
October 03Charles Collingwood, newscaster (Chronicles), dies at 68
October 03Maurice Copeland, actor (Ralph-Those Young Charmings), dies at 74
October 08Leon Klinghoffer, hijackers of Achille Lauro, threw him off boat
October 08Ricardo Bacchelli, playwright/poet (Il malino del Po), dies at 94
October 10Orson Welles, actor/dir (Citizen Kane), dies of heart attack at 70
October 10Yul Brynner, [Taidje Khan], actor (King & I), dies of cancer at 65
October 11Tex Williams, country-western singer, dies at 68 of cancer
October 12Johnny Olsen, TV announcer (Price is Right), dies at 75
October 12Ricky Wilson, rock guitarist (B-52's), dies of AIDS at 32
October 13Jack Wilson, cricketer (Test for Australia, 0-39 & 1-25, DNB), dies
October 15Meret Oppenheim, writer, dies at 72
October 16Claude Stroud, actor (Hobart-Ted Knight Show, Duke), dies at 78
October 18Benjamin Moloisi, South African poet/Anc'er, hanged at 30
October 25Elsa Moranet, writer, dies at 67
October 25Morton Downey, singer (Star of the Family), dies at 83
October 29John Lodge, actor (Sensation, In Like Flint)/(gov-R-CT), dies at 82
October 30Kirby Grant, actor/singer (Sky King), dies in an auto accident at 74
November 01Phil Silvers, comedic actor (Sgt Bilko), dies in his sleep at 73
November 06Joel Crothers, actor (Edge of Night), dies of a heart attack at 44
November 09Helen Rose, costume designer, dies at 81
November 09Mary MacLaren, actress (Black Swan), dies at 85 of respiratory probs
November 10Pelle Lindbergh, goalie (Phila Flyers), dies in drunk driving accident
November 15Spencer W Kimball, US head of mormon church, dies at 90
November 16John J Sparkmann, (Sen-D-Ala), dies at 85
November 17Jimmy Ritz, actor (Ritz Brothers), dies of heart failure at 81
November 19Lall Singh, cricketer (Test for India 1932), dies
November 19Stepin Fetchit, [Lincoln Penny], 1st black star, dies of pneumonia 83
November 20Bill Scott, cartoon voice (Mr Peabody, Bullwinkle), dies at 65
November 21Ramnath Kenny, cricketer (5 Tests for India 1958-60), dies
November 24Cees Buddingh', Dutch poet/writer/interpreter/translator, dies at 67
November 26Ransom Sherman, comedian (Father of Bride), dies at 87
November 28Fernand Braudel, French historian, dies at 83
November 29Rik Jacobs, Flemish stage manager, dies at 71
December --Forrest Shaklee, businessman, dies at 91
December 02Alex Courtney, actor (Sword of Justice), dies
December 02Philip Larkin, [hermit of Hull], English poet, dies at 63
December 03Sam Gillman, actor (Sam-Shane), dies at 70
December 04Marcel Boereboom, Belgian musicologist, dies at 83
December 06Burleigh Grimes, US baseball pitcher, dies at 92
December 06Burr Tillstrom, puppeteer (Kukla Fran & Ollie), dies at 68
December 07Potter Stewart, 94th Supreme Court Justice (1958-81), dies in NH at 70
December 07Robert Graves, English writer/poet (King Jesus), dies at 90
December 12Anne Baxter, actress (Myra-Marcus Welby, Victoria-Hotel), dies at 62
December 12Ian Stewart, keyboardist/road mgr (Rolling Stones), dies at 47
December 14Roger Maris, HR hitter (61 in 61, NY Yankees), dies of cancer at 51
December 14Stanley G[rauman] Weinbaum, US, sci-fi author (Red Peri), dies at 85
December 16Dick Pollard, cricketer (England fast-medium bowler 1946-48), dies
December 16Merv Waite, cricketer (2 Tests for Aust 1938, 1 wkt avg 190), dies
December 16Paul Castellano, Organized-crime chief, shot dead at a NYC restaurant
December 17Otto Gotsche, writer, dies
December 23James Vance (20) & Raymond Belknap (18), commit suicide, sparking
December 23their families to sue rock group Judas Priest for subliminal messages
December 25George Rhodes, orch leader (Sammy Davis Jr Show), dies at 66
December 26Dian Fossey, zoologist (Gorillas in the Mist), murdered at 53
December 27Dian Fossey, US naturalist (Gorillas in Mist), found dead in Rwanda
December 31Alexander Matheson, cricketer (2 wickets/2 Tests for NZ 1930-31), dies
December 31Rick Nelson, singer/actor (Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet), dies at 45
December 31Sam Spiegel, Academy Award winning producer (Betrayal), dies at 84