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ABC, "Beauty Stab" / 1983 Review by: Daniel Arkin
Following the success of "The Lexicon of Love," ABC ditched the gold-lame suits & produced a rock-oriented album that upset fans expecting another set of glammy, effete disco. As a result, "Beauty Stab" bombed, which is a shame, as it's the underated gem of the ABC catalogue. A diverse, guitar-driven record, bursting with hummable songs both dynamic (Power of Persuasion; Hey Citizen) & soothing (If I Ever Thought You'd Be Lonely, S.O.S), all anchored by Martin Fry's supple vocals. Unfortunately, a return to the charts via the dancefloor beckoned & ABC never again strayed into challenging territory. Recently re-issued on CD, "Beauty Stab" is a must for lovers of edgy, power-pop.

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