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Alan Parsons Project, "Eve" / 1979 Review by: Kassandra Velez
OK, so it might not be quite an '80's album, but it's got that sort of feel, least I think so...

Anyways, here's the track-by-track rundown:

1. Lucifer: Nice. Not wonderful, not particularly soulful, but nice. Pleasant the first few times around, but rather boring after that. Lacks any sort of feeling or mood. D-

2. You Lie Down With Dogs: Rather better than the first track. Lyrically well-done, musically...ah...*nice*. At least it's got some feeling in it. B

3. I'd Rather Be A Man: I can't understand why women hate this song so. I see it as a castigation of all the fakery women engage in to impress people. Ah, well. Read it as you will. B+

4. You Won't Be There: I would really like to be able to enjoy this song. The lyrics are just so warm and fuzzy. However, the music is boring in the extreme, so this one's stuck with a C.

5. Winding Me Up: Chris Rainbow, the lead singer on this track, is really one of the better 'temps' employed over the years by Parsons & Co. A well-written, well-performed song, but can't hold a candle to APP's best work. B+/A-

6. Damned If I Do: Yet another love song (3 of 'em in a row's a bit much). The chorus goes something like "Damned if I do/Damned if I don't/But I love you." We never do, however, learn what the narrator's dilemma is. Rather annoying, not to mention repetitive. B-/B

7. Don't Hold Back: Vaguely feministic. Perhaps I'm just percieving that because the singer on this one happens to be a woman. Who knows? Either way, it's not bad, but if I wan't to hear something encouraging and heartening, I'll take "On Broadway" over this any day. B

8. Secret Garden: Like "Lucifer," this is an instrumental track; however, drawing any parallel between the two goes beyond apples-and-oranges territory into the magical land of comparing apples and soda bottles. Infinitely better than the first track, but I'd really rather listen to something off "I, Robot."

9. If I Could Change Your Mind: Really one of the better songs on this album. I especially like that little mini-guitar solo (yes, the one that lasts for al of 3 seconds). B+/A-

Overall: C- as compared with APP's best work, B as compared with some of the other music that's come out between '79 and now. Not horrid, but I really like their other work better.

7 out of 10.

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