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And Also the Trees, "The Evening of the 24th" / 1987 Review by: Mr. Media
This is one of the best live albums I have ever heard, and is,in my opinion, the best live album of the 1980's. Recorded on Oct. 24, in Luzanne, Switzerland, the album packs an eerie punch despite the fact that they are not performing to a packed house. (The band's history is interesting enough.) After college they indulged their love of bands like The Psychedlic Furs, Chameleons UK, and The Cure, and formed the act. Shortly thereafter Robert Smith and the Cure caught wind of their recordings and made them the official back up band on some of Cure tours, and even produced one of their records. I am just saying that because it enhances your listening pleasure on this record. Either way, you, too, will be screaming your ears off at them for scaring you white.

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