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Asia, "Asia" / 1982 Review by: Art DeMatteis
One thing this sight is sadly lacking is more of a focus on the "Early 1980's". It wasn't all about U2 (whom I can't stand) or Van Halen. The years 1980-1983 featured some of the best music of the decade....from some of the best bands of the decade. 1982 marked the debut of my all time favorite band.....the classic lineup of ASIA. Asia was formed in the fall of 1981 by vets of the British Prog movement of the 1970's. The band featured some of the best talent in Progressive British Rock. Featuring bassist/vocalist John Wetton from acts like King Crimson, UK, and Family....Guitarist Steve Howe from the legandary Yes.....Drummer Carl Palmer from the Power Trio that was Emmerson Lake and Palmer.....and Keyboard player Geoffrey Downes from the techo-pop band the Buggles and later Yes. Together these 4 musicians created the most unique sound of the 80's....a wall of sound with catchy hooks and great chorus's. There music was almost church like with a rock flavor. Strong vocals and solid writting/playing were Asia's staple. Their debut album "Asia" spent 9 weeks at number one on Billboards top 200. The album also featured the top ten hit "Heat of the Moment" which I consider to be the kick off theme song for the 1980's. Asia's video's were a treat to watch....featuring some of the most progressive and innovative ideas of the time. Yes this was truely a "Supergroup"....the first such band of the 1980's. And although Asia was not really an "image band", they did wear all the cool standards of the time: White Capezio shoes, cool shirts with the classic flap, a headband once in a while in concert....and white pants. In fact, during their first tour of the US in 1982...white was all that they wore!! You gotta love it! And you have to love Asia....a band that was formed from the Progressive Movement of the 1970's, to create a unique sound for an entire decade....that still sounds as unique today as it did back in 1982.

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