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Bananarama, "Deep Sea Skiving" / 1983 Review by: paul johnson

Formed on the tale end of punk, Bananarama's debut album Deep Sea Skiving embraces many styles and ideas, and is the more unconventioal of the Bananarama albums.

Famed for having more hits than the Supremes in the Uk this is the album that Launced the first of those hits after their debut with the Fun Boy 3.

It contains five singles in all, 3 big hits- Shy Boy, Really Saying Something and Nana Nana hey Hey kiss Him Goodbye. The groups very first single Aie A Mwana ( sung in Swahali ) and Cheers Then, with it's Sound Of Music themed video, are the other two singles but failed to go top 40.

Interestingly, for a band famous for doing cover versions, this also contains Young At Heart, the song Co Wrote by bananarama that was later to be a number 1 UK hit for The Bluebells.

Deep Sea Skiving is fun, poppy and likeabl;e and with producers including Paul Weller ( The Jam and The Style Council) Paul Cook (The Sex Pistols) Terry Hall (Fun Boy 3, The Specials) and Steve Joley and Tony Swain it is very much a quality affair.

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