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Bananarama, "Deep Sea Skiving" / 1983 Review by: John
Deep Sea Skiving remains Bananarama's finest moment...from the charming cover and album-sleeve, to the cool vintage London label, the lovable offbeat sound (the thumpin' jungle percussion really trips-up the frothy pop confections), and of course the wonderfully vibrant, inspired, colorful, energetic pop songs, every one an instant-classic (even 'minor' tracks like "Boy Trouble" and "Hey Young London" are better than most of the stuff on some of the later releases). "Shy Boy" , "Na Na Hey Hey"and "Young At Heart" are pure pop-heaven, "Really Sayin' Somethin'" thumps along with those trippin' jungle beats, "What A Shambles" hints at the dreamy vocalizing to come on the second album, "Doctor Love" kicks ass, "Wish You Were Here" is a dreamy tropical reverie...and "Cheers Then" is their finest creation, sheer pop bliss. The album has a fine coherent sound too even though a bunch of different producers worked on it. Also, considering the amount of pop-crap floating around in 1983, 'Skiving' was doubly brilliant. Later, they got commercialized, glossed-over, lost a lot of charm, quirkiness, personality, attitude and quality (with an occasional cool song here and there)...then got back into good (if totally different) form on 'Ultra-Violet'...but 'Deep Sea Skiving' remains their most sparkling moment. Their cover of the Sex Pistols' "No Feelings" from those vintage days is a brilliant display of 'Rama attitude, too.

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