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Belinda Carlisle, "Runaway Horses" / 1989 Review by: Gonzo
The 1980's were good to the former lead singer of the Go Go's, Belinda Carlisle. Runaway Horses is an album that attempted to continue the success of Belinda's Multi-platinum sophmore album, Heaven on Earth.

Songs like Leave a Light On, and We Want the Same Thing, continue the trend of pop with a rock edge with ex-Beatle George Harrison contributing slide guitar on the single, Leave a Light On. La Luna, a latin influenced track, demonstrates belinda's vocal range which has been criticized as being very thin. Shades of Michaelangelo provides unusal insight as well as a "reunion" with her former band mates as they sang backup vocals on the track. Sad to say that this album did not produce the success that Heaven did but a great album nonetheless.

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