Album Reviews of the 80s

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Big Country, "The Seer" / 1986 Review by: Amy Oakley
"The Seer" has to be one of my favorite all-time albums. Stuart Adamson, the lead singer, composed all songs on this album and he does a wonderful job of stirring the imagination with his visual words put to upbeat Celtic-influenced music.

"Look Away" is a romantic tragedy of a hero and a girl, and is my all-time favorite. "The Teacher" and "The Seer" describe the journeys of someone seeking the truth and the future. "One Great Thing" would be great as an Olympic theme with its positive upbeat message. There is a magical quality to "Eiledon" and "Hold The Heart" which are loaded with loyalty to land and love. And finally, "The Red Fox" makes my heart race every time I hear it. It speaks of a man who is somehow behind enemy lines bringing the enemy to slaughter, but he gets caught! Awesome album! I can put this album on and every single song is great!

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