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Billy Joel, "An Innocent Man" / 1983 Review by: Cameron D Skirving
After the "torture" that was "The Nylon Curtain" Billy wanted to kick back and enjoy himself on his next album. The result a classic album entitled "An innocent Man" This album is by far Joel's most enjoyable album presented as a tribute to the 50's Music that Joel grew up with Elements of James Brown, Franki Valli and Neil Sedaka are here and the recording shows Joel is really enjoying himself , probably because he was generally happy at the time as he was about to marry a beautiful model!!! There are too many examples to mention but it shows Joel has come of age with this wonderful Potpouri of simple songs which helped bring back old memories but still make it sound like it belongs in the 80's Big hits galore here "Uptown Girl, Tell her about it, An innocent man, The longest time, leave a tender moment alone, keeping the Faith" Billy even uses a touch of Beethoven on "This Night" This is a great example of the Musical Genius of Billy Joel, and if you're a fan and don't have this album in your collection, get it NOW. If you're not a fan Get it NOW!!!!

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