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Billy Joel, "Glass Houses" / 1980 Review by: Cameron D Skirivng
Even though, Joel ended the 70's in triumph with two of his best albums , the 80's was where he grabbed his best success. When 1980 arrived, Rock had changed style to a more matured sound. The early 80's were known for rock guitar and synthersizer and this was certainly the case on Joel's first 80's offering contained that. More guitar than piano in fact and lots of synthersizer. One of Joel's hardest rock songs 'You May Be Right' opens the album, which immediately gives the impression of a totally different style to that found on the last album. Joel continues the hard rock theme with the next song 'Sometimes a Fantasy' and the first of the synthersizer songs, this song is reminicsant of the Cars. There is , of course, the big seller, 'It's Still Rock and Roll to Me', which Joel gives us his impression of "music labels" and "the critics," people he never made friends. Other songs of note here include 'All for Leyna', 'Sleeping With the Television On', both showing that Joel can easily stay in fashion without losing any of his hall marks. 'Don't Ask Me Why' is the odd one out, a piano driven piece a la 'Piano Man', however, it demonstrates Joel's musicianship has vastly improved since then, it is a very well crafted song , including a wonderful piano driven bridge. This song is another one of my personal favourites. The closer 'Through the Long Night' is a nice love ballad with harmonies in a minor key. This is not my favourate Billy Joel album, but it does demonstrates that at the time , the Piano Man/entertainer/Stranger had grown up.

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