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Bobby Brown, "Don't Be Cruel" / 1988 Review by: Clay K.
This is Bobby Brown's best album. "Don't Be Cruel" screams great producing, as Brown doesn't have the best voice. L.A. Ried and Babyface crafted an amazing R&B album with this one. The opening Title track is just plain good R&B music with Brown's signiture voice. Move onto "My Prerogative" which is one of the greatest New Jack Swing songs ever, and you already have an album worth buying with only two tracks. My opinion of course. Next we have the fantastic "Roni" which is the best ballad on the album, well it's really tied with the fourth track "Rock Wit'cha" which are both fantastic ballads with great hooks and infectious rythems.

Now, onto what I consider to be one of the best R&B songs ever crafted(coming from me thats no small compliment) "Every Little Step" which is Reid and Babyface at their best. It's amazing, from beginning to end. Absolutely fantastic in mood and delivery, that being props to Brown who makes this track come alive. So far, the first five tracks of this record have been knock your socks off fantastic, which is unbelievable to me for an album like this. Anyway, the sad part is that past "Every Little Step" the album begins to lose steam and doesn't ever pick back up. Sure, their decent songs, but nowhere near the quality of the first five. Regardless, this is a must have for anyone who likes music with good grooves. Favorite Track: "Every Little Step" Bottom Line: 8.0 out of 10 Rating System: 10:Has no equal 9:An amazing record 8:Buy it. Buy it now. 7:A great effort 6:Worth a listen 5:Couple good tracks 4:One or two ok songs 3:One song thats good 2:An OK song here and there 1:*Flushes it*

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