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Cher, "I Paralyze" / 1982 Review by: Arin
This is one of the most sought after Cher album of all time. Behind this fabulous project stays the producer of 'Physical', John Farrar. It's pure new wave music and it was released to promote Cher as an actress for the Broadway show "Come back to the 5 & dime, Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean". Unfortunately the album charted poorly, due to the lack of promotional stuff and Cher's presence to support it on TV, in music stores etc. Anyone who loves 'Physical', will find this album astonishing, making you wonder why it wasn't a huge hit. The first track, "Rudy", brings Cher back to the old girl group style, very powerful and a perfect song to begin the album. From the second track the style changes a bit, to become more new wave, using more synthisizer and electronic sounds. Just try to listen to "Games"(the second song) and "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind", to know what "high music" means. The pearl of this album is the title track, "I Paralyze". I have only one word to describe it: unique. This song had to chart more than Physical, that's for sure.In 1999, Cher said that "I Paralyze" is one of her favourite Cher albums and that she'd like to re-record it one day. Let's cross our fingers!

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