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Culture Club, "Colour By Numbers" / 1983 Review by: Jarret McCaw
The first single was "Church of the Poison Mind" - which had a small impact, but deserved better. Only after the release of "Karma Chameleon" as a single in 1984, did the album get serious notice. In my hometown chart, it ran alongside "Thriller", "Syncronicity" and Seven and the Ragged Tiger" for what seemed a lifetime, and rightly so. This album had more soul than any other of its time. Instantly memorable and deliciously hummable songs hooked you and kept you listening. It seemed like everyone was a Culture Club fan for that year at least. The thing is, it still stands up as great pop music over fifteen years later. Too bad something went drastically wrong with the preachy single "The War song on their followup album. At least we still have this album AND "Kissing to be Clever" left to love.

10 out of 10.

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