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Dangerous Toys, "Dangerous Toys" / 1989 Review by: Jeremy Kuchta
A moderatly successful album (went gold in 94)and in my opinion was extremly underated. These 5 guys blazed out of the Austin scene in the summer of '88 with a flair and style all there own. Now classified as a "big hair" band, this label really isn't fitting of this band. They were a cross between the pretty boy bands and rough and ready bikers. This image was very apparent in their music with ripping guitars, piercing vocals, and bone shattering precussion. They were by no means radio freindly nor did they fit in with the "bubble gum" bands of MTV... And the best part was they didn't care!!! They were true pioneers, yet familliar at the same time. They were a breath of fresh air in a scene that was becoming rapidly stale. Lead singer Jason McMaster, formerly of Watchtower, was inducted into the Texas music hall of fame for his efforts. His vocals, along with the musical talents of Scott Dalhover, Danny Aaron, Mark Geary, and Mike Watson produced, in my humble opinion, one of the best hard rock/heavy metal albums of the decade, if not all time. From the opening riff to the final growl you sence a group of boys that love the music first, not the image. Self described as "romp and roll" its blues with balls, pop metal with a razors edge that can't be ignored. Any fans of AC/DC, Guns and Roses, or even Led Zepplen should really check this one out!!

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