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Devo, "Duty Now For The Future" / Review by: Steven Stroppiana
The Akron, Ohio band's follow up to their smash debut "Q:Are We Not Men?" succeeds in establishing the direction they would follow for the rest of their career, introducing the true grit keyboard element that set them apart from other bands forever. A rich, full sound is evident throughout the LP, with amazingly well written, original tunes; Desire,(Triumph Of The Will,)edgy, paranoia driven excursions,(Swelling, Itching Brain,) sarcasm, (Blockhead,)and what must be recognized as the definitive cover of "Secret Agent Man." Pulsing, driven synthesizers power the up tempo tunes, (Strange Pursuit) and of course, what should be considered their "Other,OTHER" anthem, "The Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA": an epic, concept track that is two songs with a very different audio effect/tempo shift bridging the two. Of Devo's 8 or so studio releases, this is definitely in the better half of their catalogue. We Must Repeat!

7 out of 10.

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