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Devo, "Oh No! It's Devo!" / 1982 Review by: Chris Brooks
One of the most overlooked Devo albums, Oh No! It's Devo is probably the best example of the evolved (snicker) Devo sound. Lacking in the fast-paced guitar-driven new wave edge of their earlier albums, Oh No! relies instead on incredible synth loops and Mark Mothersbaugh's matured vocalizing. By 1982 Devo was no longer a fad and Oh No! was largely ignored by the general public. Nonetheless true die-hards treasure this album as one the strongest contributions to the Devo discography.

Oh No! is best known for the songs "That's Good," "Peek-a-boo," and the unforgettable "Speed Racer." Another song of note is "What I must do" which arguably contains some of the best quirky synth work on any Devo album. Oh No! It's Devo! is sadly overlooked and while somewhat difficult to find it is one of the best overall Devo albums. Highly recommended.

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