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Divine, "Maid In England" / 1988 Review by: TooYoo
This is the last album of an enormous disco star of the 80's. He died in the same year of cardiomegaly. I don't know exactly what it means. He was very big (fat) and so probably was his heart. Frankly, I love him very much and I never believed he was transsexual or so. But he was considered a great actor. Music was just a small part of his art. Not everybody likes "Pink Flamingos" Movie but nobody who have seen it is indifferent to. All his previous albums were produced by Bobby Orlando in the US. This is the first one made abroad and his last one. More than five producers took part in it, a number of composers provided songs to make Divine's wonderful voice live forever in this record. I've never listened to the better energetic disco product. First, Divine's voice is very unusual for disco music, it is more like hard rock vocal (such as Lemmy Kilmister's or Cronos' from Venom). The experiment of introducing such a voice into the disco was a great success. Second, if you ever seen Divine performing you won't forget the impression. You know, he was wearing woman's clothes having about 150 kilos of his own weight. Finally, the arrangement was made brilliantly. You want to jump and shake and roll and laugh and shout while listening to Divine. The wide stream of kindness and ironic love to every creature is pouring you over. Somebody thinks Divine was cheap and filthy and pervert. He wasn't. We were.

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