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Echo and the Bunnymen, "Porcupine" / 1983 Review by: Thom
This is the best recording of all time! My favorite part of the bunnymen four album mythos. You might not catch all of the musical brilliance on the first 5 listenings or so, In fact, you could listen to this for 3 years, and still just begin to notice things. The most incredible sounding guitars since Jimi Hendrix. Unbelievable drumming. Fantasic melodic bass. Brilliant lyrics! About 99.8 percent of listeners will not figure out what Mac is singing about though (It might take you some time just to get the references). Best to listen to all the first four albums, as these are the real deal. The Bunnymen are widely recognized in the musical underground as one of the key bands in alternative music.

10 out of 10.

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