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Eight Wonder, "Fearless" / 1988 Review by: Michael Chan
One of the 80's best "One Hit Wonders", I absolutely loved this CD. I originally bought it as a cassette when "Cross My Heart" came out in 1988. This album totally brings back memories of high school, senior year! There are 10 tracks on this album...I think two of them were released. This album is one of my all time favorites. I no longer have the cassette, but many years ago, I saw a CD of it and bought it promptly. It is now out of print and I haven't seen it in stores for years.

The first song released is also the first song on the album. It might have been a number one hit, I honestly don't remember. "Cross my heart" was pretty much the song that put Eight Wonder on the charts. It's classic 80s, with a synthesizer sound and a lead singer who sounds like Stacy Q.

Cross my heart, hope to die, may lightning strike me if I'm telling a lie, cross my heart, I swear it's true, I've never loved anybody more than I'm loving you, cross my heart it's true..."

Track 2 is "When the phone stops rining"'s actually one of the two worst songs on the album, but it's not all bad. The lyrics don't rhyme well, and the rhythm of the song is not smooth.

Track 3 is "Baby Baby". I think this song was also released, but it didn't do as well as "cross my heart". It's actually quite good. Not slow, more on the fast side. Really good happy beat. It's got an optimist beat, but very pessimistic lyrics. It talks about a guy she obviously love but who confuses her by not reciprocating her affections to her. If you just listen to the beat and don't pay attention to the words, it'll really put you in a good mood! Good for listening, but really can't dance to it.

Now that you're in a good mood from "Baby Baby, you get to "Will you remember?" It is track number 4 and is one of the best songs on the CD. It's kind of depressing, sort of a "lost love" kind of song. Very haunting. Again, this song is neither fast nor slow, so you can't dance to it....but it does have a great sound.

Wild love, is track 5 and the last song on side "A" of the cassette. It is the second worst song of the entire album. Not that it's bad, but it's just in an ensemble of 5 star songs!

Side B on the Cassette and LP....track 6-10 on the CD....ladies and gents, the rest of the album is flawless...every song is good.

I'm not scared is track 6 and is written by the Pet Shop Boys. The Pet Shop Boy's Introspective CD came out around the same time (another great album, still in print, so you can definitely get this CD) and has the same song....Patsy Kensit sounds better than Neil Tennant for this song. This is one of the best songs on this album. You can totally just sit back and relax into this song. It's not fast, if anything, this song is on the slower side....I'm reading the lyrics and the tune just fills in the blanks so perfectly....what a wonderful song.

"Your life's a mystery, mine is an open book, if I could read your mind, I think I'd take a look, I don't care, baby, I'm not scared".

Track 7, "Use Me". Fast upbeat song. Very 80's "pop" in a Cyndi Lauper kind of way. She's serendating this guy who's able to give her goose pimples: "Pins and needles of anticipation, going through my fingertips, It's such a delicious sensation, when you put your lips on my lips...." Definitely a happy song with happy lyrics and a happy beat. The CD only gets better and better from this point on...

track 8, "Anything At All"....the last 3 songs of this CD are amongst my all time favorite songs of all time. It begins with "Anything At All". A bouncy uptempo beat with lyrics that sound contrary. She talks about her out-of-control love for this guy who obviously doesn't feel the same for her....hmm....I think I see a pattern. I usually just listen to the music and words together without thinking about the meaning of the songs.

Track 9, "My Baby's Heartbeat"....upbeat song, upbeat tempo, upbeat lyrics....she's in love, she's describing the happiness her man gives her. The chorus is absolutely amazing in this song....Patsy sings so beautifully and holds such an amazing note that I'm surprised that her singing career ends so quickly. Definitely one of my favorite songs in the CD.

Track 10, "The Dress"..the best is always last...this is one of my all time favorite songs in the history of my life and the entire 80s, (Although I do love that Tracy Ulman song, you know the one I'm talking about...."they don't know about us, they never heard of love...). "The Dress" is absolutely the most memorable and haunting ballad in this CD. If this song was released, I'm sure Eight Wonder would have had another #1 hit on their hands.... Another "lost love" song, this song talks about her desires to bring back the past by wearing a dress that harks back to a time when she had the one she loved in her arms.

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