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Eugenge Chadbourne and the Violent Femmes, "Corpses of Foreign War" / 1986 Review by: Mr. Media
Eugene Chadbourne, Pat Fish, and Van Dyke Parks have always been one step behind the musical world, and that is what makes them stand out. Chadbourne is by far the weirdest songwriter to ever live and it shows. Two of the Violent Femmes help him out on this simple, smart, and enjoyable protest album. the kicker is that they don't try to be like Bob Dylan, instead they get loud, crass, and vulgar as ever, poking fun at all the big figures of the 1980's. This LP is as simple as albums can be made without being tribal. I still have fun doing the Chadbourne raspberry, which is to walk up to a person in power and go "Sieg Heil! PHHHHTTTTTTTTT!"

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