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Europe, "Out of this World" / 1988 Review by: George Anastopoulos
OUT OF THIS WORLD was released two years after Europe's smash album THE FINAL COUNTDOWN . It's definitely the most "soft rock" trial of the band but this doesn't mean it's not a great album . In general in the same style with the Countdown song . Based a lot on keyboards and containing extremely melodic guitar solos (note that the guitarist has changed - Kee Marcello replaced John Norum who left after the TFC release ) . Joey Tempest confirms here , his songwriting abilities once more , with strong compositions not so easily captured from anybody . The album contains 7 soft rockers , 2 fast cuts and 3 emotional ballads . Best song of the album in my opinion : "Never Say Die" . There can be a wonder on what the result could be if the album was more guitar based and with heavier drum-amplifiers . I think it should be even better but anyway OUT OF THIS WORLD showed Europe's power to play any kind of rock (after their previous heavy rock and hard rock albums) . J.TEMPEST-vocals M.MICHAELI-keyboards K.MARCELLO-guitars J.LEVEN-bass I.HAUGLAND-drums

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