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Europe, "Wings of Tomorrow" / 1984 Review by: Alanna
"The Final Countdown" was a light melodic little disc, nice and sweet and full of keys, definitely one of the highlights of the decade, but its an injustice that it attracted all the attention while Europe's second and best, "Wings of Tomorrow" remains highly unknown. "WOT" has everything "TFC" and all that came after lacked...powerful songs with punch and an edge that was lost in the pop world afterwards. Tracks like "Stormwind" and "Scream of Anger" are whipped out with force and electrifying guitars, with a younger, rawer and more emotion Joey Tempest at the vocal helm bringing these fantastic situations to life. John Norum absolutely rips throughout, stringing wisps of fire into the pompous and dare I say elegantly futuristic title track as well as the lone instrumental "Aphasia". "Carrie" might have been their hit ballad but it doesn't even hold a candle to "Open Your Heart", with its exchanges between fire and ice. Or perhaps I should mention the ethereal "Dreamer" which shapes a heart string pulling story with its gentle as feathers acoustic and luscious vocals. Its all topped off by a tribute to cheese in the rip roarin' "Dance the Night Away" which leaves the listener tingling with the entire 80s ambience. A must have album, that if you missed it the first time around, is more than worth picking up in the present day. It remains perhaps, my favorite of all time...

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