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Eurythmics, "Savage" / 1987 Review by: M. Russell
Eurythmics dropped their "feel-good" stadium rock sound on SAVAGE, returning to their synth-pop roots, ironic lyrics, and creepy melodies. This is Annie's turn as Ophelia - it's a concept album of a woman going mad. Check out the beautifully disturbing videos helmed by Sophie Muller. Each song is a gem, whether straight-on pop, rock, 80s nu-wave dance, gospel, etc. The lyrics flirt with death and madness and 1982's "The Walk" would be an excellent companion here, as well as last year's "Lifted". Annie and Dave are at their best when they drop the love schitck, keep their wits razor-sharp, and get gloomy. Highlights include the title track, "You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart", "Brand New Day", and "I Need A Man". Listen to this alongside 1984, IN THE GARDEN, TOUCH, and SWEET DREAMS, as well as the new PEACE, and you'll understand the obsession Annie Lennox inspires. In her crew cut n' suit or her diva drag, she's breathtaking in her meloncholy - a grinning graveyard goddess.

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