Album Reviews of the 80s

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Eurythmics, "Sweet Dreams" / 1983 Review by: Erin Malloy
Probably everybody who grew up in the MTV age remebers the first time they saw the video for the title track "Sweet Dreams". While some critics dismissed them as an image (or even worse, a "hair") band, this album serves as a forceful reminder that they were severely mistaken. These lyrics are not the easiest to listen to - the effect of this record is very disquieting, due to the troubled nature of Lennox's mind when the songs were written (she had just recovered from a nervous breakdown). And music on here is also highly unconventional - not just the chirpy syths on the title track. All in all, many songs on this record sound as odd today as they did in 1983, a feat rarely accomplished in this day and age.

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