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Gang Of Four, "Entertainment!" / 1978 Review by: Dave Carroll
Well, I should start off by saying that others have written about Gang of Four much better than I ever can. Greil Marcus and Jon Savage are the first examples I can think of.

This album was so good, so influential, sometimes its not so surprising that their subsequent albums are increasingly terrible. Gang of Four's Entertainment! asks and demands attention from its listeners, attention paid to the meanings of their lifestyles, their desires, and to history. Those familiar with Marxist or situationalist theory might appreciate the words more than others, but anyone hearing the shards of guitar--which impacted future bands like Fugazi and post-punk--poke holes in the illusions we clothe everyday banality and confusion with will feel something. Gang of Four sound almost terrified with the way people watch people die on late-breaking news, reduce love and pleasure to mere routines and arrangements, and spend their lives doing nothing but mindless work. Hell, these realities are terrifying, and Gang of Four made some music that strives to break and tear down them. That exclamation punctuating the title may be a comment on the marketing and commodification of entertainment, but it also declares just how serious they are about their business.

I give this a 10, because I can't imagine it being any different or any more passionate.

10 out of 10.

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