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Genesis, "Invisible Touch" / 1986 Review by: Alkymos
Check out Patrick Bateman's ideas about this album in the movie "American Psycho", it is spot on. How could this be not on the list, it is a masterpiece and also a major commercial success. This music will be played on the radio and listened to forever. Genesis sing about something, about greater important things than just being in love. Take for instance Land Of Confusion. "Too many men, too many people, making too many problems", Phil Collins sings; it's about how wealth is divided in the world and that today's children are tomorrow's future. You can read a lot into many of their songs. And it's not always 'happy happy joy joy' either, and that is a good thing. It may require some intellect to fully understand Genesis, which maybe the reason why some people all too easily label it as 'boring'. This is a must have if you truly are an eighties fan. Thank you .

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