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George Michael, "Faith" / 1987 Review by: Bryan
Certainly the finest album to surface in the latter part of the 80's, "Faith" is perhaps one of the best pop albums in history. It crosses over to numerous areas of music and presenting the catchiest tunes at the same time, without alienating a pop audience. Every track is strong. "Father Figure" is probably the highlight of the album. It is gospel and R&B influenced, one of the few slower tracks in the album, but not the usual love lost ballads. It is a ballad with an attitude. "I Want Your Sex" and "Faith" are some of the best pop singles with that R&B influence. "Kissing A Fool" is a ballad with a 50's jazzy sound, while "Look At Your Hands" is a tribute to classic American rock. "Monkey" is straight out dance music, very much like the hip hop influenced "Hard Day". "One More Try" is the typical George ballad. This album is an album for any pop listener and presents some of the best 80's tracks ever. There's something for everyone.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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