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Grandmaster Flash, "Ba-Dop-Boom-Bang" / Review by: Retroraider
Favorite songs:"Scorpio"

The true old school rap pioneers, this is the band that got the whole thing started. This was rap that told of the way life was on the street with songs such as "The Message" and their follow-up "New York New York" My buddys and I can still quote most of the lyrics from both songs although they were released in the early eighties. The song "Scorpio" showed the surprising versatility of the group, as the song was a computer vocal-enhanced funkfest that was and still is guaranteed to get some people off the dance floor. "U Know What Time It Is" enjoyed some moderate local success as well as some airplay on programs such as TBs' Night Tracks. On the liner notes of the album, Grandmaster Flash thanks everyone for giving them another chance at the big time if you will, "Again, praise the Lord for another chance." I guess they didn't make it. He is currently a DJ somewhere in California.

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