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Hall and Oates, "Big Bam Boom" / 1986 Review by: Retroraider
Prince made the Minneapolis sound famous, and Hall and Oates were busy at the same time making the Philadelphia sound famous as well. While Prince had a virtual kingdom to perpetuate the Minneapolis connection, Hall and Oates took their Philly sound to the top single handedly One album that helped their cause was "Big Bam Boom", a typical Hall and Oates album that doesn't sound much different from their last efforts, which proves the wisdom of not messing with a good thing. Hits include the songs "Out of Touch" (there's also a remix of the song on the album, but it is untitled and you don't know it's there until you hear the whole thing),"Method of Modern Love" and 'Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid". Also, John Oates took the lead singing role on the underrated track "Possession Obsession" which should have done better on the charts than it did. Of the non-hits on the album, the best track is "Bank on Your Love" which is a song that could have done some damage on the pop charts. The track is quite similar tof the Power Station song "Murderess" from the Power Station album. What you love best about Hall and Oates and the Philadelphia sound is right here on this album, and plenty of it. Undoubtedly not a disappointment.

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