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Hell's Belles, "Hell's Belles" / 1986 Review by: Arch Stanton
"A mass revolution" in your living room? Yes darlings, and more.

That's the first thing I read about Hell's Belles first eponymous LP back in 1986 in 'Kerrang' magazine. And what a joy.

After having been a post-punk Discharge fan but with a closet classic rock penchant, I steamed out and paid my money for this album. It truly was, and still is, a classic. I don't know if it's still available or whether there's a CD version anywhere, but if Napster hasn't got it, we're all missing out. The title track 'Hell's Belles' is a stonking stomping corker of a rocker, as is 'Barricades' which makes you realize there's more to life than shagging and posing.

Next up, a whole raft of 110mph rockers which makes Discharge and Motorhead look like a bunch of wussies, because, folks, this band are talented. Indeed, the sheer power and controlled power is something we just don't get to hear these days.

If anyone hears any news about these fellows, post it up here so we can all say life was a little bit more worthwhile.


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