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INXS, "The Swing" / 1984 Review by: Char
In my opinion it is not only the best album from the 80's but is the best album in the history of mankind! It was made in 1984 although it doesn't seem like that long ago especially when you hear songs such as 'Burn For You' on the radio regularly. The album was released before their US breakthrough albums Listen Like Thieves & Kick The album is a mixture of funk, rock, pop and a unique style of dance. There isn't one song on this album that you cannot dance to or tap your foot along to in any way! One of the most creative songs on here is 'Original Sin' the no. 1 smash hit in their home country Australia and in other countries around the world. 'I Send a Message' is a funky & definately danceable song that contains many unusual and different keyboard sounds & a fabulous guitar rift in the middle along with the song ending with the smooth sounds of the sax.

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