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J. Geils Band, "Flamethrower" / 198? Review by: Retroraider
Generally B-side compilations suck. But when you get B-sides that were as popular as "Flamethrower" was when it was released on the flipside of the "Freeze Frame" single, you begin to believe that maybe the songs on the back aren't so bad. Don't get me wrong. This album will not go down as one of the most memorable albums of our time, but it's not bad. Especially the title track "Flamethrower" which is loaded with sound effects and hard driving drumbeats that sound good even now. "Rage In The Cage" is another track along the same lines that was originally the B-side of the "Centerfold" single. There is also a live version of "Till The Walls Come Tumblin' Down" that was originally featured on the "Love Stinks" album and two really good although basic tracks "Take It Back" and "I Could Hurt You". The album is worth buying just for the "Flamethrower" track itself, but the other songs on the album are pretty good too..

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