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Johnny Hates Jazz, "Turn Back The Clock" / 1988 Review by: Vetrisia Syera Putri
Turn Back The Clock (TBTC) by Johnny Hates Jazz (JHJ) is probably (undoubtedly for me) the BEST 80's (or maybe all-time) pop album ever. I might sound exaggerating, but please don't judge anything before you listen to this album. The 13 songs in it (3 of them are extended versions) really represent the 'essence' of 80's pop music. All of the tracks are written, arranged, and performed beautifully. You can say it's just a 'pop' album, but the sound is more like 'sophisticated + brilliant + high quality + easy listening' music. And the other important part of this album is the outstanding lyrics in every song.

The first song called "Shattered Dreams" was the single that made JHJ hit the charts for the first time in 1987. It may also be the best track in this album, but it's surely rather difficult to choose which song is the best in TBTC, since all of the tracks are wonderful, including the other 4 singles : "Turn Back The Clock", "Don't Say It's Love", "I Don't Want To Be A Hero" and "Heart Of Gold".

Clark Datchler, the vocalist, is the one who wrote 8 songs in this album (one of them with the keyboardist: Calvin Hayes). Mike Nocito (the bassist) and Calvin are the producers and also the engineers in TBTC. As the writers, performers, producers, and engineers in their own album, Johnny Hates Jazz has really created a magnificent pop album that should never be missed by any 80's music lovers or maybe by all the music lovers in the whole wide world...- VETRISIA "DATCHLER"

10 out of 10.

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