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Josie Cotton, "From The Hip" / Review by: Chris Rhodes
Josie Cotton's "From the Hip" is a consistently great pop album overall with almost no filler or weak songs. It starts with an incredible version of a song called "Jimmy loves Maryann" which I know sounds hokey because it was a hit in the 70's for the band " Looking Glass" who later became the band Starz and are best known for the song "Brandy You're a fine girl". Sounds cheesy I know, but the song is great and goes right into another rockin good number called "license to dance". An amazing 1-2 punch of pure power pop and it dont stop there, this album is loaded with goodies. Josie was often credited in the press with having one of the best voices in rock. She was the prototype for Gwen Stefanie of No Doubt, who sounds almost exactly like Josie at times, but Gwen just aint quite got the range of notes or emotion. "From the hip" is no lightweight throwaway computer pop like so much other 80's stuff. This is the real deal.

10 out of 10.

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