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Kim Carnes, "Voyeur" / 1982 Review by: Jeff
This album was years ahead of its time. Just one of the many different styles of music this singer,songwriter,producer (and yes, even an actress!)

There isn't much this lady hasn't done. Soul, Country, Pop, New Wave, Dance, and most recent (though there hasn't been a NEW album since 1991) easy listening. Much of her written material has been covered by the likes of Kenny Rogers, Barbra Streisand, and numerous others.

It's too bad she's mainly remembered for "Bette Davis Eyes". It is a great song, however songs she wrote herself are just as good OR better. "Voyeur"s choice cuts include "Looker", "Say You Don't Know Me", The Undertow, & "Thrill Of The Grill"

If you can track down a used copy, it's worth the effort. Check it out!

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