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Lenny Kravitz, "Let Love Rule" / 1989 Review by: Javier
The last line in the first track in this album tells you right away what you are about to experience. "Turn around" says Kravitz, "spread a little love and get high...get high...get high..." Not much that's profound here, but if acoustic guitars, funky organs and breathy, sweetly screaming vocals and 1974 are cool to you, then you won't be dissatisfied here.

If one were to pay attention to the lyrics, and Lenny tends to take himself a bit serious here, you might miss the point of this album. Take "Mr. Cab Criver", for example. A song dealing with racism, this is actually quite a soul filled rocking blues number that would have been just as effective with Chuck Berry style inane lyrics. The love songs actually do better. "My Precious Love" is wonderful, and "I Build This Garden For Us", with its gospel and hard guitar combination make a good impression. Of course, the title track is the strongest song, with a very good sax middle section thrown in.

4 out of 5.

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