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Love and Rockets, "Express" / 1986 Review by: Dave Roberts
Express" is the best Love and Rockets album ever recorded. It was my favorite album of the year when it was released and is a serious must have for any 80s music collector. If you don't own this album already, go buy it immediately while it's still in print! Along with the singles played on radio (Kundalini Express, All In My Mind, Ball Of Confusion), every song on the album is simply stunning. Particularly great are "Yin and Yang and the Flowerpot Man (Remix)" and "An American Dream". Some people will categorize this album as part of New Wave and others as Gothic. The New Wave moniker will come from the fact that this album received a lot of airplay on New Wave stations, and the Gothic moniker will come from the fact the members of Love and Rockets, along with Peter Murphy, were the band Bauhaus. Truthfully, the categorization for this music is that it is somewhere in between the two. Certainly not typical of a lot of New Wave music, in that most electronic instrumentation is blended in well with guitars, drums, etc., The music on this album has stood the test of time. That is, in 1999, I can listen to this album and still feel that same sense of awe that I felt when I first listened to it 12-13 years ago. The same can be said to a lesser extent about two of their other albums "The Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven" and "Earth Sun and Moon".

10 out of 10.

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